Google’s Video Chatting App Partners with Truecaller

Google’s Video Chatting App Partners with Truecaller

Truecaller is a Sweden based company that helps the users to find the contact details of all the people around the world with the name or contact number. It was founded by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi in 2009 by the True Software Scandinavian AB. The Truecaller has a caller ID service integrated into the system that enables the call block functionality. As it is associated with the social media integration, the users are updated with the birthdays and recent pictures and are available for the Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, Tizen, Series 40, Android, Symbian s60, Windows Phone, and iOs.

The main feature of the Truecaller is the global reverse directory or telephone directory that is integrated with the social media, caller ID and the call blocking feature and one of the unique functionalities of it is that it uses the crowd sourced data that works in countries like India and the United Kingdom, where the public data are not available.

The Truecaller app received 1.3 US million dollars in the venture capital led by the Nokia executive and MySql in September 2012 and the app received a global recognition. The company used the new funding to expand its service in key markets in Asia, North America and Middle East. And in 2014 it received 18.8 million dollars from the investment led by the Sequoia Capital and by October it received sixty million dollars from the investment firm, Niklas Zennstrom’s Atomico and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Business integration for the video calling services

Truecaller announced its plans to partner with the video calling service that is available for all the users regardless of the platform they use and the main goal of this partnership is to offer fast and simple video calling service for everyone. By this partnership, the company plans to gather the entire mobile communication medium under a single roof and provide all the users with affordable, convenient, safe and efficient service.

The Truecaller made this announcement on March 28th, 2017. The partnership with Google Duo within the application is a crucial step in the communication medium that will promote the values of the features associated in the Truecaller like the spam blocking feature, caller ID and dialer feature. According to the recent report, the app is used by approximately two hundred and fifty million users. So by partnering with the video calling application will strengthen the popularity of the Truecaller app.

Along with the union of the new feature, app announced a new design for the Android platform that has come up with new features like the flash messaging that enables the user to send predefined messages instantly to any of the Truecaller users to inform the status of the user. So, if the user is on their way to work or reached home or any other things can be easily informed to the users.  In the normal messaging feature, the user can sender of the message easily. This can identify the spam messages easily, about fifteen percent of the messages sent universally are spam messages and every year 1.2 trillion spam messages are sent.

With the union of Truecaller with the video calling feature ensures that the existing users can get easily benefitted, also millions of new participants will register in the app. The new feature of the app is enhanced with the functionalities that will ensure that the users can be free from the spam messages and calls that are received from unknown users. And with the growing popularity of the mobile applications, the Truecaller app is the leading application that connects millions of users with a single communication medium and the users have the functionality to reject the calls and messages they receive from an unknown source.

Google Duo

This is an exclusive mobile app designed by Google for the video chatting and the app is available in both the iOs and Android operating system and all the calls via this application are in high definition. The company announced about its video chatting application on May 18, 2016 at Google’s developer conference and launched the application for public use on August 16, 2016. By default, the app has the end to end encryption feature and it is optimized for the low bandwidth network.

The video chatting feature is based on the mobile number and so the users can call any members from their contact list. The app has a Knock Knock feature that is available only on the Android devices through which the user can see a live preview of the callers before answering the call. The app has the ability to automatically switch between the mobile connection and the Wi-Fi network.

The company also announced that there were chances to replace the Hangouts app from the Google App suite for the Android devices as a pre-installed application.

Features of the Duo

The new Google Duo video chatting feature is available in 720p high definition videos with the low bandwidth network via the WebRTC and it uses the UDP and QUIC. And the degradation of the video quality is monitored by checking the network quality and it is optimized with reference to it.

Some of the updated features in Google Duo that are better than the existing Hangouts app are,

  • The Duo app that is designed for making video calls is safe and secured platform that protects the communication stream and allows the user to make video calls in instant speed.
  • The app can be synchronized across different mobile devices by using their Google account and is independent of the operating system, so the app can be used on both the iOs and Android devices with the same mobile phone number for registration. The video calling app will send the users with a verification number to their mobile number and it fills the registration page on its own.
  • The app makes enables the users to easily establish a video call and the user interface is simple. The users can get live feeds via the front camera and so they need not require any additional features to enhance the video calling feature.
  • When establishing a connection through the Hangouts, the users require their email address of their Google account, but in the case of the video calling application the user simply requires contact feeds and mobile to establish an authenticated video calling service.
  • The app provides continuous support to video calls even during limited data connectivity and uses a special functionality that enables to view the callers before attending the call.
  • The video calling app has the pause and mute feature that can be used by the callers during the calls and they can switch the call from data connectivity to Wi-Fi connection.
  • The app is secured and it uses the end to end encryption feature and it uses only the phone number of the contacts that are available in the contact list and the users can invite the members of the contact list. The users have the option to block the calls from unknown numbers and they will not receive any calls from that number in the future.

The partnership of the video calling app, Google Duo with the Truecaller will provide the users with safe and reliable service and the app is a permission based service that allows the users to choose in and out of the app anytime. It is possible that this new partnership will roll out the WhatsApp video call feature.

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