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3 New Free Apps for Android

3 New Free Apps for Android

Want to try some new apps on your Android smartphone? We have brought 3 new apps for Android users, be sure to check them out. Follow the article to know more about these amazing apps.

#1 GlassWire

GlassWire New Android App for Internet Data Management
GlassWire – New Android App for Internet Data Management

Anyone racing through their mobile phone data and frustrated with Android’s in-built bare-bones management tool needs GlassWire app. A simple-to-read graph shows how much your apps are uploading and downloading, from the last 5 minutes to the last 90 days, and the app pushes out alert notifications when you’re close to your data allowance or have blown straight past it. While Android OS offers an idea of the amount of data an app has used, you still have to go through each individual program after digging through the settings menu. Here, everything’s linked and you can fine-tune your stats, separating them via mobile and WiFi usage. Powerful stuff, and best of all — it’s free.

Incredibly, we haven’t noticed any disturbing ads. Even if you’re curious about what your apps are up to — thanks to the surprising amount of permissions they have — when you’re not actively using them, GlassWire is a must-try.

#2 Bitesnap

Bitesnap - The Food Expert App
Bitesnap – The Food Expert App

Bitesnap does something different to standard calorie counting apps in that it estimates your energy intake based on a photo of your meal or snack. The theory is excellent: remove boring data input by relying on a visual medium. Anyone who takes artsy photos of their food is one step ahead. Bitesnap asks for your height, weight, age, weight goals and levels of activity and spits out a Body Mass Index (BMI), a rough number that indicates whether you’re in a healthy weight range or not. (Don’t put too much stock into that number, there are plenty of athletic people who are technically overweight.) You’re then allocated a suggested amount of calories with macronutrient (carbs, fat and protein) proportions.

It’s a great theory, though there’s a lot of room for improvement, and we acknowledge Bitesnap is in beta. It struggles with recognizing complicated meals, meaning you spend a lot of time manually entering the types of food and quantities, which negates the point of the whole thing.

#3 Energy Bar

Energy Bar - A Colorful Battery Meter App
Energy Bar – A Colorful Battery Meter App

Completely superfluous but kind of nice battery meter replacement.

Some people are very keen about their phone’s battery life, daring not to leave the house unless the little battery icon is satisfactorily full. Energy Bar will apparently appeal to those among us who incessantly monitor their remaining lifeline, as it creates a small color-coded bar at the top of the Android screen indicating both how much charge is left and, if your phone is plugged in, at what rate it’s charging. You could probably chalk this app up as yet another useless-app-that-offers-functionality-you-already-have, and to be honest, aside from aesthetics and some more minor (and rather vague) graphical information, that’s exactly what it is. It’s nice to know how much your phone has charged since you plugged it in, and at roughly what rate it’s charging, but that’s about where the novelty ends. There’s a ton of different animations you can choose between for the Energy Bar, and the colors can be personalized to suit whatever fancy home screen you’ve got set. No doubt a useful app for the battery-oriented anal retentive, but hardly a must have.

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