5 Good Reasons Why UX Designers Should Learn to Code

5 Good Reasons Why UX Designers Should Learn to Code

A successful career in the IT industry is one of the most desired assets for most professionals in the 21st century. High-ranked employees in this field always brag about the great incentives their companies provide, but they don’t talk about all the work they needed to do to get to their current position. Still, the IT industry is considered to be more flexible and less preoccupied with job titles than in any other field. If you’ve worked in a tech startup, you probably think that there’s no UX Designer who doesn’t know how to code. In small companies everybody does everything. You can find developers making icons in Adobe Illustrator and CEOs bringing coffee and a homemade breakfast for the whole team.

Unfortunately, not all companies are like that. Big IT businesses are not much different from other companies from various business branches when it comes to business etiquette and work division. Every employee needs to give a specific contribution to the team’s effort and doesn’t need to interfere with the work that is assigned to other team members. This brought a clear distinction between designers and developers. Designers draw and create schemes, while developers write codes. Still, if you are a designer, knowing a thing or two about coding can drastically improve your professional skills and employment prospects.

Coding knowledge will improve your communication skills

The sole purpose of UX design is to improve the interaction between the users and the product. Your design needs to be effective and to the point. Likewise, the same way your perfect UX design should communicate with users, you need to communicate with the members of the development team. They are in charge of turning your design into a working code snippet, and if you can explain them your idea while using their language clearly, your cooperation will go a long way.

It makes your design more efficient

If you work with skillful developers, there’s no doubt that they’ll know how to implement your designs and turn them into an efficient and engaging feature, functionality, or platform. Unfortunately, UX designers often need to take into consideration the developers’ time and company’s resources. The best way to make sure that your designs are efficient and that they provide an adequate ROI for your company is to dig deeper into coding, especially JavaScript, Jquery, HTML, and CSS. If you’re regularly providing efficient and realistic prototypes to the development team, you will earn much more respect both from the developers and superiors.

Coding knowledge will improve your problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is an essential skill for employees in many different industries. Since web design is mainly a creative job, many professionals in this niche have difficulties with analyzing the problems objectively and developing adequate solutions. When it comes to benefits, coding goes far beyond its sole purpose. It can be seen as a mental exercise, which helps you focus on the problem and deal with it in the most efficient manner. If you keep your mind active with coding, you won’t have problems with finding the shortest and the most elegant navigation paths for users.

Coding knowledge will improve your problem-solving skills
Coding knowledge will improve your problem-solving skills

You can earn much more money

‘Unicorn’ is a tech slang for a professional who can work as a designer and developer. If you can acquire skills for both of these positions, you won’t have problems with finding work because designers who can code have a great perspective on the job market. Most small startups are looking for UX designers that will take over both designing and developing tasks, and even big corporations won’t employ a UX designer who doesn’t know how to use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

You can start your own business

If you want to make a big career shift and continue working as a freelancer or an entrepreneur, by offering both UX design and development services, you’ll be able to acquire more customers and keep your company afloat during the initial development phases. The best way to attract business customers is to offer them a full service, which includes the web hosting set up, web and UX design, web development and webmaster services. Make your plans in advance, but first buy domain in order to reserve your businesses name.

UX design is a very competitive niche. If you base your work solely on the design and completely neglect the development field, a more versatile designer can take your job. By learning the basics of web development and following the latest trends in this industry, you are building leverage and making yourself more appealing to the employers.

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