5 Secret SEO Optimization Tactics You Must Know

5 Secret SEO Optimization Tactics You Must Know

Understanding SEO optimization is the first step towards achieving success in marketing and business in general. But there are many intricacies that you have to follow to become an expert in SEO optimization that are not obvious.

Using the most popular tricks everyone tries is like going into an already saturated area where you cannot achieve any results, so it is necessary to have a solid plan that excludes weak strategies that will not guarantee you the success you desire in your SEO plans. I has been pursuing different SEO tactics and here I offer some of the most effective tactics you don’t know that can help your business to achieve its goals.

#1 Offer Answers on Niche Communities

Offer Answers on Niche Communities
Offer Answers on Niche Communities

Niche communities are alternative venues where you could perform an effective SEO strategy that will see your business achieve better conversion rates. When your target audience is not using search engines to look for information, they rely on community sites like Quora and Reddit for answers. Therefore, having some presence in some of these platforms is part of an SEO optimization tactic that will help them find more about your business and probably help you achieve higher conversion rates.

For example, when a user is interested in information pertaining email marketing, they will go to search engines like Google and if no answers are accurate head over to sites like GrowthHackers where they can find such questions and answers. The good thing is that this information is available publicly, so anyone can read and share across different networks. When writing answers for such sites, you are supposed to keep in mind that it is necessary to add a call to action and some links to your site for follow-ups. Due to the prominence of the sites, the questions posted on the forums can get high ratings, which means your answer might be one of those popping on search results.

#2 Appeal to Visual Learners with Video Content

A good majority of your potential customers are visual learners who are more inclined towards consuming video content than written scripts. Study shows that by 2019, video will be responsible for 80 percent of online data, so to prepare your business for this key development there is need to shift some focus from creating written content to videos. This is no surprise since Google now achieves at least 25 percent of results featuring video on the first page of SERP. Thus, having more video content translates to getting higher chances of ranking in SERPs while fulfilling the needs of the audience.

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Additionally, YouTube is becoming the second most impactful and largest search engine, so creating video content means you are able to get a share of the traffic through the platform. However, creating video content is not enough as you need to also optimize it to achieve better rankings. This could be achieved by writing titles and descriptions that contain the keywords you want the content to rank for. The keywords are used by algorithms to know how you are helping users so your content is placed in the right categories.

#3 Save Images as Keywords

One thing you will learn about any successful blogs is the heavy usage of images. Using images helps to draw the attention of readers and is necessary for facilitating the processing of information as well as adding the freshness factor to your content. Research by Backlinko has shown that pages that rank at the top of the SERP have at least one image. But adding images is not all you need to achieve SEO success. You need to add them in the right way that will help you to maximize the effect on SEO with an objective of getting your images to appear in Google image search results.

One of the tactics you could employ is the naming of images with keywords that highlight your niche or industry. Search engines not only crawl through text, but also images so you should not use random references while using images as this might confuse the algorithms not to understand the context of the content. Always use keyword-focused names as these are easier to be understood by the algorithm.

#4 Match Content to Audience Expectations

In the past few years, several studies have been done focusing on the relationship between rankings and content length. Most of the findings point to the tendency of top results having more than 2,000 words, which could basically be taken to say longer content leads to better rankings. Long content was rare but now it’s the norm across content creators and marketers as they try to fulfill the demands of the industry. However, with all the content crafted to satisfy the length factor, there is one thing many people are missing and that is audience satisfaction.

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This essentially means content should meet the expectations of the audience for it to appeal to a wide audience and rank well. It also says short content can achieve good rankings if its purpose is included carefully. It is therefore necessary to start analyzing the keywords you choose to use in your content to ensure they are applied in the right manner across your articles.

#5 Get Co-Citation Links

Get Co-Citation Links
Get Co-Citation Links

While doing local SEO, co-citation is one of the most important things that you must address. You need to understand that citations go beyond the local SEO strategy as they are also important in general search as well especially when you want to help search engines figure out the niche or category your site belongs to.

One of the ways you could make this to work is by using co-citation, which basically refers to the process of search engines looking for pages that are linked to similar websites so as to choose the category to place these pages. Therefore, ensure Google identifies your website as belonging to a particular category and look for such co-citation links that you can build. Look for the authorities that are mentioning your competitors and try to get a link even if a no-follow.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. I have a question in regard to step 1, posting answers on niche communities. Are all Communities ranked the same by Google or are some communities ranked higher than others. For example Reddit vs Quora. I appreciate feedback!

    1. Hey Andy,

      These websites definitely rank differently, for example if you search questions on Google, you will see Quora’s answers first rather than Reddit’s. This also depends on the user, for example if the user is interacting with Reddit so the search results will pick the answers from Reddit first.

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