5 Tech Gadgets That Will Make your Everyday Life Easier

Tech gadgets are usually created with the aim of solving some specific problem in everyday life.

For example, back in the day IPods were created because people liked to listen to music as they moved around, but cassettes tapes were poor quality and CD’s skipped with too much movement.

By the way, for anyone reading this below a certain age who may be confused, ask your parents what a cassette tape was.

Other tech gadgets however are created with a broader purpose. They can help make your life easier or more enjoyable across a wider range of functions.

These then are five of the best gadgets that will have a positive impact upon multiple facets of your everyday life.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Yes, we realize that we started this article with the example of the Ipod, something of a one trick pony. Yes, we also realize that some people may still the Echo as a similar product with just one trick – again, playing music.

The Echo of today however is far more than a jumped up Bluetooth speaker. It really is beginning to fulfill it’s potential as a device to connect multiple services and functions. So now, it can order you an Uber, it can order products, groceries and food. It can even control the lighting and heating in your house.

It is taking big steps toward being the one gadget through which you can control your life.

Battery Packs

What unites virtually all tech gadgets? Their instable hunger for power. What also connects virtually all tech products? Their batteries are poor.

The truth is, battery technology, whilst steadily improving, is still the Achilles heel of mobile tech. Current materials and production techniques produce batteries that just can’t keep up.

A great stopgap until better batteries come along is portable batteries. Some are big enough to keep in your car and provide juice for multiple devices, some are small enough to slip into purses and pockets for on the go top ups.

No, they may not be the most exciting piece of tech. But they will keep the exciting gear running for longer, and that got to be a good thing. 


This is just a great little product that will improve your life no end if you are always losing things. Tiles are essentially little stickers that you attach to things like your phone, your TV remote or other things like that. They can also be attached to things like keys with a little plastic loop.

Once attached, they work as Bluetooth connected electronic flags that, if you misplace whatever you’ve connected it to, you can easily find via an accompanying app.

Such a simple, but highly effective idea, you wonder why no one thought of this before now.

Universal Remote Control

This isn’t particularly new technology – I remember my parents having one of these when I was a kid. Not only that but one day, as we discussed above, the Amazon Echo or a similar product will pretty much be the next gen universal remote – except voice activated and it can order you a keg of beer at the same time as you set a reminder for next weekends game.

Which all sounds great but it’s not here yet, so until it does a universal remote is a great little tech gadget to make your life easier. Control the TV, the cable box, the stereo whatever all from one handy dandy little stick.

It may not be an earthshaking improvement but it’s definitely better than fishing around for three or four separate remotes.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

These are still early in their roll out but once they hit we’ll wonder how we did without them. Instead of having a spaghetti bowl worth of twisted wires coming out every socket and extension – just picture one little pad. Sat by it’s self on the side, you just place your phone on top and it starts charging.

Pop your Ipad on there when you leave in the morning, come home to a fully charged up device ready to go.

That is a level of ease and convenience that will seriously help to improve all of our lives.

About Author:

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

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  1. Hey! that seems good stuff to use. I am a traveler, I think I can use this gadget while travelling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good list. I would definitely put my smart watch on it though. I haven’t used my phone ringer in 3 years and how else would I know if I was getting enough exercise, or late for an appointment? I think I might actually like it better than the phone itself.

  3. Amazon Echo is the best in this gadgets, others we don’t think required as my friend said wireless charging speed is less as compared to wired changing.

  4. First of all, I want to say that I am impressed with your blog quality.
    Nice stuff with high-quality images. really like it.

  5. I was happy to see the Amazon Echo as the first item on your list. I agree that it is a device that you can use everyday for timers, weather, facts, home announcements, smart home control, etc. I want to try tile and integrate it with Alexa soon.

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