5 Things You Need to Do If You Want to Upgrade Your Business

5 Things You Need to Do If You Want to Upgrade Your Business

We are living in an Entrepreneurship Era, where every person who has a solid business idea and an internet connection can start a company and possibly earn millions of dollars (or fail miserably). Several thousand businesses were launched in the previous year in the United States only, and this number is growing with every new year.

The main reason for such a fast development of small businesses is the advanced tech that stands behind them. Today, everyone can afford a reliable and scalable software solution that can be used for creating products and services. There are also many other apps and tools that simplify the work that’s necessary for businesses across all niches. This includes marketing, sales, customer service, support, accounting and calculating tax returns.

Smart entrepreneurs use advanced tech to automate repetitive tasks and upgrade their business. This is a list of business problems many companies encounter in the first phases of their development. We have provided a possible solution for each problem that will help you to overcome the most dangerous issues, mitigate their consequences and improve your business operation in the long run.

Accounting and bookkeeping process not transparent enough?

CEOs often have a big picture in their mind, but they forget the fact that small tasks, like accounting and bookkeeping, can easily disrupt their business flow. Today, most companies are being started by niche experts. They have two options for running their business finances. The first one is to hire a professional accountant and a bookkeeper (a tax lawyer may also come in handy), and the other is to automate these tasks by purchasing a specialized app. Both of these options will probably bring great results and more simplicity to your business scheme. Still, purchasing an app and relying on technology is a much more affordable way to deal with this issue.

Bad communication with your customer base is slowing down your company’s development?

Although customer service seems simple and easy, answering hundreds of calls and inquiries per day can be very challenging, especially for beginner entrepreneurs. Small companies and newly-founded startups can’t afford to hire CS experts and to create a big support center. That’s why entrepreneurs often need to answer both sales and support calls. You can drastically improve your CS workflow by purchasing a telephone answering service app. These apps redirect your callers to the outsourcing call centers, which provide them with the basic information and direct them to you. Many big companies use these apps to cut their CS costs and improve the overall client experience. Today, even newly-founded businesses can afford these tools by purchasing them as a service.

Your marketing campaigns are inefficient?

Although in the digital marketing era everybody is showing off their fancy stats, there are many small companies that just can’t get the right response from their marketing strategies. Maybe your targeted audience is too wide or you are using wrong consumer profiles for running your campaign. If your campaigns return poor results, you need to change something immediately. Campaigns can be quite expensive, especially if they don’t provide the expected results. The same as with accounting, this problem has two potential solutions. One is to hire a professional marketing agency that will take over your whole marketing work or purchase one or a few software solutions that will automate repetitive tasks and allow you to invest more time in making your campaigns more creative. The latest marketing software also comes with a very accurate analytics, which can help you to target the right consumer groups and improve your future campaigns.

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Your customers are not loyal?

In business, everyone receives their portion of one-time shoppers, but if this occurrence becomes symptomatic, you should try to improve your company’s customer loyalty. There are many different ways how you can make your business more appealing to your current customers. Start from providing exceptional service or improving your products and offering more value for money. Try to establish a strong relationship with your customers by providing them with free, low-cost services and products from time to time or by sending them gift cards and presents for their birthdays. If you want to create a loyal army of brand ambassadors, you will also need to provide outstanding customer service and support.

Loyalty programs can also be very effective for improving customer loyalty. Today, you have many great mobile reward apps that can completely automate your loyalty programs and make them more interesting for your customers.

You can’t find the right talents?

Employees are the company’s most valuable asset, and by investing more money and time in recruiting, you will reach more experienced and competent talents that will improve your whole business operation. HR and headhunter agencies can take over the whole recruitment process and present you with several highest rated candidates. Still, many small businesses don’t have the means for hiring these agencies. Since bigger corporate entities often outsource their HR field, the only way small-time entrepreneurs can stay competitive is to invest a lot of time in assessing, checking and interviewing candidates and choosing the right ones. Although you can’t automate the whole recruiting process, many repetitive tasks in this field can be done by recruiting apps. These apps usually connect to the LinkedIn database and allow entrepreneurs to find the best possible candidates by using advanced filtering options.

Following the latest tech trends and equipping your business with advanced business apps and tools will help you to become more profitable and creative. You will have more time to invest in developing your core business and the ROI of every app will grow at an exponential rate. Since today most app developers send their software ‘as a service’, you will be able to get all the latest features for a small monthly fee. This also means that you won’t need to hire a whole IT team for conducting your software maintenance because most SaaS developers update and maintain their software in the cloud and allow every client to use the latest version.

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