7 Strategies To Become An SEO Superstar!

Check Out These 7 Strategies If You Want To Become An SEO Superstar!

SEO is sometimes seen by people as a magical way to improve the quality and popularity of websites. The thing is; there isn’t anything particularly “magical” about SEO! Search engine optimization is, like with most things in life, a skill that takes some time to master.

If you’re tasked with managing one or more sites, it’s important you have sound SEO knowledge. Otherwise, you can forget about gaining new visitors. And if you sell anything on some sites, conversion rates will be almost non-existent!

That’s why it is crucial you have a good grasp of SEO and its best practices. The following ten strategies will soon have you becoming an SEO superstar! Here is what you need to know:

  1. Avoid “black hat” techniques like the plague

There are plenty of spammy ways to improve a site’s search engine visibility. Avoid them, because Google and other search engines are getting wise to them. If they find your sites using them, expect plenty of SEO penalties!

  1. Keep your content on-topic

No-one is saying that all pages on your website should talk about one particular topic. Far from it! What I’m suggesting to you is that you ensure your content is relevant to your audience. For instance, an IT-themed site isn’t the best place to talk about shed building.

  1. Don’t assume you will know everything about SEO

Even if you only spend your days studying SEO, you will never become a guru on the subject. And no-one can claim they are either! Instead, it’s important to work with third-party organizations that can help with specific areas. For instance, you could hire an AB testing agency to assist with split testing. Or a marketing company for content curation.

  1. Take a few lessons in HTML 101

Search engine optimization isn’t just about making a site more visible to search engines. It’s also important to learn about the way web pages work. Doing so means you can use the best SEO practices for any given situation. I recommend learning more about HTML and its role in SEO.

  1. Make sure your URLs are pretty

Have you noticed how sites with “pretty” URLs tend to rank higher than ones with URL parameters? For instance, “/about-us” is a friendly URL than “page.php?id=345645” and it’s more memorable too.

  1. Remove the bloat

Websites that have a lot of background processes or ones that run on slow servers are bad for SEO. The challenge is to make any website fast to load, and the good news is there are many ways to achieve that.

For a start, only use a web host that offers fast servers and Internet connections. And don’t use unnecessary Javascript or other code on your pages.

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  1. Don’t forget about accessibility

There are a plethora of people out there that use screen readers and other devices to surf the web. Search engines rank sites higher that offer excellent accessibility to site visitors. Examples include easy to read content, images and links with keywords in them, and so forth.

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