7 Thrilling UI Design Trends For Biz Mobile Apps

7 Thrilling UI Design Trends For Biz Mobile Apps

It is not a new habit for the tech-savvies to explore the high trending concepts in the digital market. Businesses are following the same to get the desired results. The ultimate motto is to shower the supreme magnificent personality to the visitors so that they can choose you above everyone else. Mobile apps are trending today in the market above the desktop websites due to the convenience that they offer. So, it becomes necessary here to put best-in-class features to your biz app so that it can stand ahead of the crowd.

It seems tempting but is it so easy to get the results in the blink of an eye? Certainty not. So, what will be the solution?

The answer lies in this post as we are listing few of the most popular UI designing trends that one must follow to create lucrative mobile apps for their business.

This is the list-

Color Gradients

Color Gradients
Color Gradients

In the past decade, designers have moved towards adopting color gradients as an integral part of their designing to create design logos, buttons and backgrounds for mobile app interfaces.

The reason is simple. Even with a single color, it is easy to create a rich sense of hierarchy and shower a beautiful picture via combing it with color gradients and different graphics.

Simple Geometry And Curves

Today, designers focus on a simple natural design style in mobile app UI design as compared to a complex and changeable UI design style. For example, a phone app interface stuffed with various graphics, animations, colors, buttons, pictures and more complicated elements, it is better to have a phone interface with simple curves, buttons and geometries.

This is because it will be more effective for people to focus on the major functions and features of a mobile app instead of distracting towards multiple areas where it is tough to examine what is the genuine and most authentic area to focus on.

Sound Design

Sound Design
Sound Design

It seems quite obvious but makes a big sense. A sound design can be a novel entry in the listing of smart design trends. Ideally, sound design refers to a mild and soft sound that one hears on the click of a comment or even picking an emoji.

It makes the entire experience delightful whether you put a grumpy smile on an awful day or a grin cheer to express laughter and happiness. Believing on its heavy usage in the coming time, we can expect to get a fresh experience of users to a different level.


The overlapping of graphics, colors and even fonts not only makes UI designs distinctive, but also creates a sense of space. This is the reason experts are focusing on overlapping of different mobile app UI design elements in most of their projects.

As a variation, we can expect the overlapping of same elements combined with shadows to input fantasy and impression in the entire mobile app interface designs.



Voice-activated interfaces in the mobile apps can simplify the user operation. Similar to Siri, you can simply start or log in a voice-activated mobile app containing multiple voice orders rather clicking any button or putting a password.

Studies have proved that in the last year, most of the mobile apps with voice ordering services topped the charts over the internet. It is expected to grow with the same pace in coming days as well.

Video Designs Surpassing Static Content

It is a general fact that an eye-catching icon or logo contains more worth about a brand.

It grabs the user attention in the user interface development as a powerful tool.

With technological advancement at each corner of the web, we’re on the verge of adopting the strongest representation of visual appeal after 3D-models. Static images will now be overpowered by full-screen video content.

Reasons are plenty, these  video clips are always dynamic, unique and visually more appealing in storytelling than static content. You can also voice all your propositions and input cool sound effects to greatly improve the user experience.

Long Form Content

As the written content is gaining huge popularity, long form content and long-scrolls are also dominating the UI design world. Although web pages or content has an extended ‘below the fold’ limit that counts for few implementation challenges for UI design, there are several factors due to which it is gaining immense popularity.

A primary reason is, it gives enough flexibility to the users to quickly scan even large volume of content. With long form content, users can get quick access to information in a single, fluid motion without any interruption or redirection to a new web page. Moreover, its versatile functionality works great for search engine optimization along with a fine sync to other devices as well. With the long form content, there can be an increased number of scroll-able interfaces.

Concluding Lines

In this competitive era, each day rises with something fresh to the users than earlier. Certainly, there is no definition to be the perfect. The design that suits you and your targeted customers can be considered as the best one for you. It can be distinct for the distinguished users. So, it entirely depends on the requisites of your brand which of the elements you genuinely need. The pointers we have mentioned in this post are quite useful to follow and input in your biz mobile apps.

About Author:

I am Jacob Colleen an expert mobile app developer from Webby Central, mobile app development company. My write-ups showcase my deep interest in suggesting the fresh ideas to the crowd so that they can produce beautiful and featured mobile apps for the businesses. My aim is to add beauty with functionality for every design you create.

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