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7 Useful Tips for Website Maintenance For Small Business Owners

7 Useful Tips for Website Maintenance For Small Business Owners

In the era we live in, it is not incorrect to say that websites are the first means of interaction between a business and its clients.

Whenever we require any product or a service, the first most thing we do is, search for the respective provider and visit his/her website. What if your website is not good and engaging enough? Do you think that your users will return back to your website? Or creating a beautiful website was just all you wanted!

Or you assume that once you finished with your website designing-development, buyers will automatically come to your site and there are no more efforts required on your part. Read our guide on how to create a website!

On the contrary, it is undeniable that website maintenance is a forever responsibility for you as the owner till the time website exists. Below are listed some useful tips for Website maintenance that one should follow no matter what:

#1 Update Regularly with Fresh Content

Content is the king, will remain to rule the Digital World. Yet content solely is not responsible for the success of your website. Website content should be regularly reviewed for corrections and updates. Even the pages like Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages should be necessarily updated for legal issues.

#2 Inspect Website Compatibility on Various Browsers

People worldwide use different browsers, a few popular ones are IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. Website designs should render perfectly on all the browsers.

#3 Watch out for Broken links

Always at regular intervals, check the broken links. Broken links can defame the reputation of business on the web. The links which are not active or misleading visitors to some undesirable webpage overall degrades the user experience.

#4 The Need for Speed

Patience is a trait which almost everybody fails to have. If your website consumes unnecessary loading-time, then your website is in a big crisis and without any more further delay, you should work on it.

Check the loading time by testing it on various tools. Minimize the graphics as required on every page.

#5 Allow Users to Communicate with you

Always allow the users to put their opinions regarding the website or interact with you by using comments, feedbacks, suggestions etc. They might be facing some issue and that could be the path for improvements, on your website designs. Include this interaction while performing website maintenance as it will benefit you a lot. Ask people to review your site; these people can even be your friends. In the long run, these responses will help to enhance the overall functionality and usability of your website.

#6 Search Engine Friendly Website

Properly Structured, pixel-perfect, W3C compliance and Semantic markup automatically delivers a search engine friendly website. Follow the SEO practices, such as adding the meta tags, optimizing keywords etc. Following these practices will help your website earn a high search engine ranking.

#7 Website Analytics

Website Analytics is very critical for website monitoring once in a day or couple of days. It will help you to be updated about the website visitor statistics and the goal conversions. What if visitors are coming to your website but no goal conversion takes place. Place Call to Action buttons at the right place on the website. Read More SEO Tips!


The task of website maintenance never gets finished. It is constantly in the situation of added improvements. Innovation has no end. Dropping your site untouched after creating it serves no goal. It should be regularly updated and maintained.

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Janet Parker is a Digital Marketing Strategist. A tech Blogger with over 6+ yrs. of global experience in IT industry.  At present, she is associated with ViitorCloud Technologies, which offers Web Design and Development Services globally. You can follow Janet Parker on Twitter and Google+.

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