Adding Table of Contents to Word Documents Quickly

Adding Table of Contents to Word Documents Quickly

Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful app in the Office Suit, it’s used by authors and individuals to write documents, notes, books, reports and so on. MS Word has many built-in powerful features which you may not be aware of! Today we are sharing an expert tip “Adding Table of Contents to Word Documents Quickly” that will surely make your office experience better.

At times when we write a big article which is divided into chapters, sections and sub-sections across pages, for example consider writing an eBook, when everything is ready we need to add a Table of Contents to the eBook; this is a bit tricky but today we will share an easy trick using which you can do it more conveniently.

If your document contains several chapters or topic headings across many pages, then it’s a good idea to insert a table of contents at the start. Creating this manually is time consuming. Instead you should use Word’s built-in ‘Table of Contents’ feature.

How to Add “Table of Contents” to Word Document Quickly:

To add a “Table of Contents” to your doc follow the steps below:

  • Highlight the first chapter title/heading in your document
  • Click the Home tab
  • Select one of the Heading styles at the top right, repeat this for the rest of the headings
  • Click the References tab
  • Click the ‘Table of Contents’ dropdown menu at the top left
  • Select one of the table styles from the list
Adding Table of Contents to Word Documents Quickly
Adding Table of Contents to Word Documents Quickly

To customize your contents, click the ‘Table of Contents’ dropdown menu again, then click ‘Insert Table of Contents’ at the bottom. In the window that opens (see screenshot above), you’ll see options to display page numbers and align them to the right. Click the ‘Tab leader’ and Formats dropdown menus and select the styles you want. When you’re happy, click OK and then Yes to add it to the first page of your document.

If you make any changes to your document, you can update this table by clicking the References tab, then clicking Update Table at the top left. You’ll see two options – ‘Update page numbers only’ and ‘Update entire table’. Select the one you want, then click OK.

That’s it, enjoy!

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