Android TV Boxes – A Worthy Investment?

Are you looking to upgrade your television, but not really sure of the route you want to go? Technology in the past decade or so has evolved quite drastically. In television, we have gone from standard box TV’s to HDTV to Smart HDTV to Ultra HDTV. Similarly, the way we access channels on television has also changed from standard cable and satellite to on-demand content streaming on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and so on.

You can’t have access to these streaming platforms on your television unless you have a Smart TV or a portable device like an Android TV box that gives you this option.

What is an Android TV Box?

Android TV Box
Android TV Box

If you are familiar with the concept of Smart TV then an Android TV box basically turns your regular HDTV into a Smart TV. You connect your television to the box through an HDMI cable. You configure the box to access the Internet through WIFI or an Ethernet cable and it then grants you access to content online.

You can download games, stream shows from different online streaming platforms, and even download them (depending on the type of Android TV box you get). The box also gives you access to various applications such as Skype, YouTube, and so on. So in a way, it turns your television into a computer using the Android platform.

How does it differ from a Smart TV?

An Android TV box allows you to turn any HDTV into a Smart TV. Most people with HDTV prefer to go this route rather than upgrading to a Smart TV. Why you ask?

  • Smart TV’s are far more expensive, just adding an Android TV box is not that big of an investment.
  • An Android TV box provides more functionalities than Smart TV, depending on the Smart TV you get the functionalities can be limited.

The only real benefit to getting a Smart TV rather than an Android TV box is the fact that you will have everything within the TV set. There will be no need to connect it to an external box. So unless you have money to burn, you may want to just consider getting an Android TV box rather than a new television altogether.

What it really offers?

An Android TV box is a great way to update your standard HDTV. It provides you with numerous different functionalities that truly enhance your television experience. You will have the option to stream content online from numerous different services directly to your television. Using the Android platforms, there are thousands of applications and games that will be at your fingertips from Skype to Angry Birds. You will even have access to a browser so you can browse from the comfort of your bed or living room without having to reach for your laptop.

Depending on the online streaming services you subscribe to, you can easily have access to content at 1080p. You won’t have to worry about bad weather that may cut your television services off which normally happens with cable or satellite.

You also have access to the content you want to view when you want to view it. As wonderful as DVR’s are they require a lot of memory to store recorded shows. While these streaming platforms allow you to download the content as you stream it, plus there are no commercials. Making streaming your favorite shows a breeze.

What you should look out for?

If you are not too familiar with the Android platform then it may take a little time for you to get used to it. It’s not rocket science but it can be a little confusing at times. Also, if you like to download shows then you want to get an Android TV box that has a lot of storage.

The basic models don’t really offer much storage so you should be cautious when selecting the box for you. You also want to focus on the processor of the box, if you plan on running a lot of apps in the background then you want a strong processor otherwise the box will get really slow and your overall experience will not be that great.

From an investment point of view an Android TV box can be quite worthy. You just need to make sure you get one that is suitable for your needs. They aren’t expensive, setting it up is fairly easy, and it really does enhance your overall television experience.

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Katie Porter is an aspiring writer, movie lover, and part of the team at Seatup. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home state Colorado and plays in women’s amateur rugby league.

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