The Benefits Of A Gaming Router For Online Gamers

The Benefits Of a Gaming Router For Online Gamers

Getting the ideal gaming experience is tricky. From sorting out your computer’s display and sound system to installing the right graphics card, every single thing counts. More than these details, you need a router! Why?

Imagine you are sitting on your comfortable chair, with a controller in hand and adrenaline rushing down your spine. You’re in a Cod team deathmatch a few more deaths, and you lose; a few more kills, and you lose. Then, all of the sudden, your Internet speed bogs down. This must have happened many times. Irritating, right? The main cause of such problem is either you are not using a router or you are using an old router. A gaming router provides you with a stable connection so you can excel at every turn.

Why exactly you need a gaming router?

Every day, there is a new user with his/her phone or laptop or other smart device connects to the Internet connection used by your home network. Since most of these devices require regular updates, many users avoid automatic downloads, which leads to heavy resource usage and thus, traffic congestion. Even if you have best Internet connection in the world, you will still face speed issues. A cable or fiber hookup along with a good Internet connection provides you with high and consistent speed for transferring big chunks of data.

Hardwiring your console or PC via Ethernet port is a preferred option but the ideal is not always the reality. Sometimes hardwiring just isn’t possible, mostly house-members won’t appreciate a 50-foot Ethernet cable running down the bedroom. At any rate, setting up a robust wireless network with the help of a gaming router is the next best thing to hardwiring.

How A Gaming Router Helps Creating A Good Gaming-Experience!

Advance features of a router like traffic management, QoS (quality of service), etc., ensure the traffic is managed automatically. Not only you get rid of traffic congestion but you also get the required effectiveness and efficiency in bandwidth delivery. All you have to do is pick up the best gaming routers in the world, and you will get the ideal gaming-bandwidth even when multiple devices are connected to your wireless network. Besides, you don’t have to search for a device-downloading app separately.

A Good Router Also Adds An Extra Layer Of Security To Your Gaming Session!

Indubitably, as you start competing online, you leave your network wide open to vulnerabilities and for invasion by nefarious online forces. Many hackers wait for such opportunities to access your important information. Getting the best router can save your computer from these attacks, given it has advanced security options to keep your network secure. Features like VPN services, that allow you to access all kinds of connections out there, but, at the same time, tunnel all of your online activity in an encrypted environment.

What Things To Look At While Buying A Router!

Since now you know what a good router can add to your gaming experience, you might want to know the things to consider before buying a router. For technically savvy users, it isn’t a big deal, as they know the things should be present in a router. On the other hand, it can be an overwhelming task for others. The truth is if you are sure you want to invest in one of the best routers in the world, make sure you buy only the best. Ensure that the router contains the following features essential to achieve an ideal network for gaming:

  1.    High Bandwidth range
  2.    Dual Band or Tri-Band Wifi for smooth and easy multiple device connections.
  3.    Latest standard of 802.11 ac, which indicates that it supports speed in gigabytes.
  4.    Good data rate.
  5.    Preferably 5 GHz frequency band or higher
  6.    Quality of Service(QoS)
  7.    Brilliant security and software features.

Some of the top, best routers for gaming include ASUS AC1300 and Dual-Band 3*3 AC1750, D-link AC3200, NETGEAR N600 and Nighthawk X6, ADUS AC3100 and AC1300, and D-link AC5300 Router.

Summing Up

For a hardcore gamer, investing in good gaming-routers is surely going to pay dividends as they add an extra touch to your gaming experience. You can even make your house the place for the gamers and start setting-up big gaming sessions. A gaming router is not only a gaming utility but also benefits everyone using the Internet as it also improves the performance of your internet connection.

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