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Best Turbo-Charged Tips for Phone Repair

Best Turbo-Charged Tips for Phone Repair

Do you think it is a frustrating task to get your mobile phone repaired?

Most of us have our mobile phone with us at all times and mobile phones have become so usual that they feel like no different than our purse or wallet that we have with us at all times. These pocket-friendly gadgets are even growing to be a part of the new culture. However, like most of the electronic devices, mobile phones also occasional fall down, break and meet an unforeseen accident. It is easier than one must think to accidentally drop your mobile phone from the table or on the stairs or to just spill some water on it. Just like that begin a long nightmare of dealing with phone and taking it to workshop for some tech assistance.

Mobile phones are probably on the path of becoming the most utilized personal belonging for the masses. Anywhere you are, at any time and in any situation you may be, your mobile phones are with you. Hence, wouldn’t we all want these little gadgets to be built as tough as possible and be able to take any falls, spill and crack. Unfortunately, no matter how tough any mobile phone model maybe, it will reach its limits and break. When this happens, you would definitely want to have at least some knowledge to get your phone fixed the right way.

When our mobile phone fall into water or break, our first reaction is to panic and wonder what will we do if it doesn’t work or if we can affords to buy a new mobile phone at the moment. In this article, we will give you some best turbo-charged tips that will help you with your phone repair.

Here are few very common problems that most mobile phone users face and easy solutions for how to fix them.

#1 How to recover your wet mobile phone?

Wet Android Phone
Wet Android Phone

Did you accidentally dropped your mobile phone in the swimming pool, bathtub or your was basin? Don’t panic yet, even though it might look dead, there still is good chance to revive your mobile phone. You will have to be quick for this part. Turn off the mobile phone and remove the battery cover and SIM card. Then, put the phone inside a plastic bag of uncooked, dry rice. This will help soak out any moisture inside your phone.

If it is day time, you can just leave the plastic bag out in sun for some quicker evaporation. Otherwise, just leave the mobile phone inside the rice plastic bag overnight and your mobile phone should be working normal the next day.

#2 How to fix a scratched display screen of your mobile phone?

Scratched display screen is the worst thing and it completely takes away from the charm of a great shine new mobile phone. Scratches on your display screen will largely reduce the appeal of using your phone especially for uses like reading or watching some video. If the scratch is not too big, then instead of changing the screen or replacing the whole device, you can try these basic ways and tools that can help you solve the problem.

  • Pencil eraser method

Clean out any dirt or dust on your mobile screen or the scratched area. Next, find a clean pencil eraser, just buff out the scratch and wipe away any eraser shavings.

  • Petroleum jelly method

Clean out any dirt or dust on your mobile screen, use a soft cloth and not some paper as that may make the scratch worst, with minimal pressure. Next, rub petroleum jelly into the scratch. After, wiping away any excess jelly from the screen with clean, soft cloth, your mobile should be good to use.

#3 How to clean turn around a dirty, sticky and non-functional mobile phone keypad?

First of all, gently shake your mobile phone to remove dirt, dust and any food debris that got stuck on your keypad. Next, you can blow compressed air in between the rows of your keypad from a can. This will loosen more dust particles. Turn your mobile phone keypad upside down and gently shake again a couple of times.

For better result, vacuum any excess dirt between the keys and finally gently wipe the any remain dust particles from the keypad with a piece of soft cotton cloth, and enjoy a perfectly functional mobile phone keypad.

#4 How to fix mobile phone hangs or freezes?

Android Freezes Problem
Android Freezes Problem

Does your mobile phone often hang or it just simply refuses to respond? Don’t worry, it happens to most of us after using a mobile phone for some time. First of all, you need to switch the mobile device off and power it on again. However, in case this doesn’t work, you can try removing the battery and reboot it. Moreover, another way to fix this problem is to try and restore it by connecting it to your computer.

#5 How to fix issues with mobile phone battery not charging?

After using a mobile phone for some time, most mobile phone users face the problem where their phone just won’t charge. You would plug in the phone into a wall outlet but the battery just won’t charge. Here are two possible reason for this problem and there easy fixes.

The first thing you need to do is check you battery. Open the back case of your mobile phone and check the condition of your battery. If you think this your battery is faulty then you will have to replace it with a new one. Make sure to buy battery that is suitable for your mobile phone model.

However, if your battery is working fine then you need to check your charger. You can check your charger by trying it on other compatible mobile phone and see if it will charge the other mobile. If the charger doesn’t work that means it is the reason for your phone not charging and you will have to replace it with a new one. Again, make sure to buy a charger that suits your mobile phone type.

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I am Ryan Scott and I am technology savvy person. Experiencing the shift to technology first-hand, I have always been intrigued by the possibility it opens up for human beings. Hence, I use the platform of my blog to share tips and inside tricks of technological gadgets to help out my reader, such as mobile phone repair.

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