Bright Yet Color-Intensive TV Images

Bright Yet Color-Intensive TV Images

The new SUHD TV generation of Samsung has been launched with the newly developed Quantum Dot displays and HDR rendering. The 10-bit technology brings the devices of series 7, 8 and 9 an extended color space with up to a billion color nuances.

The brightness intensity of up to 1000 cd/ m2 is said to ensure brilliant display of HDR video material (High Dynamic Range) with an contrast range. In all the new SUHD TVs, Samsung meets the specifications of the “UHD Premium” logos of the UHD Alliance, which makes high demands with respect to contrast, black levels, color space, and brightness.

The Smart Hub too appears to be improved; thanks to intuitive operation, viewers can access players or apps by VoD providers.

The 2016 generation TVs are available in curved and flat designs, and the display sizes range from 43 to 88 inches. Samsung’s UHD Blu-ray player UBD-K8599 plays the appropriate ultra HD resolution, and will be available from April onwards for around 500 euro (approx. RM2,299).

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