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How To Build Cool HTML5 Games (Complete Guide)

How To Build Cool HTML5 Games (Complete Guide)

HTML5 games are very popular among the gamers as they get to play some interesting games online without the need to download them. As there are several HTML games on the web, you need to be ground-breaking with your game idea if you want it to be a victory. Not only the ideas need to be exclusive and interesting but its execution through the technology also has to be flawless and captivating. Although the seasoned HTML5 game developers have good command over the technology and design the game well, newbie developers take some time to get into the channel and build cool HTML5 games. If there is one kind of game that is the best heir to the flash games, it is HTML5 game.

HTML5 is the web’s most favorite markup language and is very flexible. With HTML5, you can achieve true cross-platform compatibility and develop games for desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even for the smart televisions. The HTML5 games can also be played on XBox and PlayStations via their browsers. If you are looking to build games for a wider variety of platforms, HTML5 is the best technology that you can lay your hands on.

For a developer to be an expert at HTML5 game development, he or she needs to be well-versed with the associated technologies like JavaScript, Canvas, Web Audio, Web Socket, Web GL, CSS3, etc. Different mobile devices have different properties like framerate, which affect the gameplay of the HTML5 games. The tips shared in TechLinu will be quite useful for the developers as they will help them build HTML5 games that can run on a plethora of platforms and offer similar user experience on all such devices.

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In order to make sure that the game runs smooth on all the mobile platforms and devices, you need to test the game prior to its release on different benchmarks. If you are targeting the lower-powered mobile devices, you must tweak your approach towards the technology and the game design.

10 Tips that Help you Build Exceptional HTML Games

How to Build Cool HTML5 Games App (Complete Guide)

  1. Plan each part of the development process

It is essential to plan each and every step of your HTML5 game development process. A well chalked out plan makes thing swifter and cost-efficient. It is good for the developers as they are able to save a lot of coding and time; it also saves a lot of resources for the company. Using a project management tool can help you in this regard.

  1. Use a good framework to code on

Using a tried and tested Framework for game development gives you an edge. There are scores of HTML5 game development frameworks that come in all sizes and for all kinds of budget. Depending on the difficulty, size and type of games, you can choose among the frameworks. While there are many free and ad-supported frameworks, expensive ones are also available. If you are looking to buy a paid framework, try to find its trial version and take it out for a spin.

  1. Design the game for your planned audience

You must have a target audience in mind when you imagine a game. When you sit out to actually design a product, the design should be aimed at the audience so that it strikes the right harmony with the users. Check the demographic to assess the kind of devices they are using. Focus on those devices while designing the HTML games.

  1. Consider your technology while designing

There are several technologies that you can use to make your game. Depending on whether your game is 2D or 3D one, you can choose the technology that you will use to build up your game. You need to make the decision wisely as there are many conflicts while using the technology for game development intended for a wide array of mobile devices.

  1. Do not rely only on simulators

Simulators give a first-hand evaluation of how the game will work on a device but must not be relied upon as the final decision. Most of time, the results obtained on a stimulator differ very much from the actual rendering on the device. Stimulators might be helpful during the development, but the actual testing must be conducted on the device that is supposed to run the game.

  1. Be flexible to the changes

Technologies come and pass off, but your game might survive. What works today might not be working tomorrow. Your game development must be flexible enough to be sprightly throughout the changes in the HTML5 technology landscape.

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  1. Keep the things simple and convenient

Pushing the limits and enhancing the capabilities of the game is good, but things must not get overly complex in the process. HTML5 technology is still in infancy and you cannot complicate things beyond the point of return. The key to a good game is to keep it simple.

  1. Functionality must be scalable

A mobile first approach is not just meant for the conventional web design but also holds good aspects for HTML5 games. You should design the functionality of the game for the mobile device and add attributes for other platforms as well if it is possible.

  1. Keep your game’s lifespan in mind

Things go outdated very soon these days. Games to become outdated when new features are added to the device. If you wish to have a longer lifespan for your HTML5 game, you need to keep it updated and integrate all the new features in it.

  1. Test your game on all projected device type

There is a wide range of mobile devices and to ensure that your HTML5 game is like-minded with most of them, you must test your game for bugs and errors on as many devices, you can get. To provide a timely and useful update, testing must be performed on a regular basis.

Final words

These tips are not only meant for the novice developers. Even the experienced HTML5 game developers can go through these tips and brush up their skills and information. Utilizing these tips, you will be in a better position to build HTML games that are cross-browser compatible and are programmed to provide exceptional user experience across a range of mobile devices.

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How To Build Cool HTML5 Games (Complete Guide)

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