Buying Suitable Computer for Business & Personal Use

Buying Suitable Computer for Business & Personal Use

You are planning to buy a new computer, but not sure how & which one should you buy, right? If your answer is yes then we’ve got you covered; in this tutorial we are going to share some pro-tips on how to choose and purchase a suitable computer for Business & Personal Use. We will also cover the answer to the question “Mac or PC?”, so let’s get right to the business.

First thing First! Budget!

There’s no dispute—Macs are far more expensive than PCs. If money is a big issue for you, you’ll want to buy a PC. However, Macs aren’t high-priced. Unlike PCs, each computer is designed for utmost efficiency in both processing speed and ease of use. While PCs frequently crash and are exposed to spyware and viruses, Macs resist most viral attacks and operate at a constantly high standard with virtually no technical issues. If you can afford it, a Mac is an excellent investment which will work for you for years. Here a few basic tips on how to choose the right computer for you.

Now Should You Buy a Mac or a PC?

Buying a Mac or PC Computer

Deciding whether to buy a Mac or a PC should be based on two main points: your funds and whether the computer is above all for business or pleasure. Both types of computers are excellent for exact tasks, although if you are planning to go to work and bring your computer with you, you may need to consider what types of computers your co-workers will have to make it easier to exchange files or compare notes.


While Macs have always been the preferred computer of graphic designers and other inventive individuals, for most corporate office work, PCs have long been favored over Macs. For this reason, PCs still control in most business settings.

Up until a few years ago, the major software designed for business suites, like the Microsoft Suite, was designed chiefly for PCs. However, the popularity of other Apple products such as the iPod and iPad has started to change the way Macs are supposed in the larger corporate world. Most business software now has versions available for both Macs and PCs. Because of their heftier price tag, Macs still have a long way to go in making a dent in the corporate world, although in terms of functionality they perform just as well as a PC.

Graphically, Macs have richer displays and a Linux based operating system that makes them ideal for manipulating multifaceted information such as layered graphical displays. Photoshop was initially designed for the Mac. If you are buying a computer for use in an efficiently creative setting, your coworkers will likely also be using Macs.

Programming & Developers

Computer programmers are evenly split on whether Macs or PCs make better programming tools. The truth is, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Macs developed an inclusive suite of developer tools with their OS 10 which, if used properly, can help you get to the moon. PCs have always been oriented toward programming; in fact, the DOS/Windows interface was developed mainly as a way to stay gung ho with the user friendly Mac interface. However, many programmers have complained that Macs are slower than PCs when it comes down to executing large amounts of freshly programmed code.

Personal Use

If you enjoy playing video games in your free time, buying a PC is probably the best choice. This is partly because PCs are easier to hook up to auxiliary equipment like television sets or other devices. Although USB ports are evenly distributed between Macs and PC, the higher data transfer portals of a Mac do not always adapt easily to most conventional televisions, making it difficult to quickly pass on information between the two devices, whereas the higher data transfer portals of a PC are usually very flexible to auxiliary devices.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to design or develop creative projects in your personal time, Macs are a much better choice. Because Apple has invested so much time in making the user interface extremely easy to use, spending time creating music or drawing or editing movies becomes less about the computer and more about the activity; you not recall you are using a computer, and can instead focus on the act of creation. PCs have a more inflexible approach; it’s hard to forget that you’re on a computer.

Cloud Computing and the Future of Virtualization

Of course, with the tech community excited about the potential of cloud computing, computer memory is going to become less of an issue, with flexibility, mobility, and processing speed becoming increasingly important when making purchasing decisions. Mac’s suite of mobile devices are far better adapted to shifting between different geographical areas while also offering enough functionality to make them workable business tools. However, for now you should buy the computer that best suits your needs, and plan on the inevitable: no matter what you buy now, in a few years it will be completely outdated anyway!

Buying Suitable Computer for Business & Personal Use

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  1. for home usage its always to go with a normal PC, and a MAC should be preferred for business people, handling a MAC is somewhat difficult for home users as it will be something like a limited edition, and windows makes a lot here providing various applications which makes a home users much more familiar with the user interface.

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