Bypass Right Click Lock in Websites

Bypass Right Click Lock in Websites

It can be very annoying to visit a website that disables your mouse right click. Some websites disable the use of the right click to protect their content (images & articles) from getting stolen. Though, what if you want to keep the content with you for studying or ease of access purposes? Moreover, disabling the right click also means you will not be able to access other options of the context menu like “Inspect element” or extension buttons, in case you are a developer.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to enable the right-click menu on any website and also copy content from websites that block it. Follow the article to see how you can enable right-click on any website.

Disable JavaScript

Most of the websites use JavaScript language to disable the right click and the highlighting feature. If JavaScript is disabled, then the code to disable these functionalities will not run. Of course, this also means you will restrict JavaScript-based functionalities on the webpage. In most cases, however, you will still be able to get what you need. Here is how to disable JavaScript in your browser:

If you are using Google Chrome: Go to “Settings” from the main menu and click on “Content settings” under the Privacy heading. Here you will find the options to disable JavaScript and manage exceptions.

If you’re using Firefox: Firefox removed this option from its settings, but you can use SettingSanity add-on to get this option back along with some others.

If you’re using Opera: From the Opera menu go to “Settings,” and you will find the “Disable JavaScript” option in the “Websites” menu.

After disabling JavaScript, reload the page, and the right-click menu should be enabled. Don’t forget to re-enable JavaScript right after you get what you wanted, as it is significant for proper functioning of many websites.

But Wait! Do you want to Copy Just Text from a Website?

If your only intention is to copy text from a website that is blocking it, then you don’t need to disable anything. Just press “Ctrl + P” to open printing options and copy text from the print preview. Otherwise, you can press “Ctrl + U” to access a web page’s source code to look for the required text (Browser’s “Find” [Ctrl + F] option will help).

Use a Third-Party Extension

If you don’t want to fully disable JavaScript, then a third-party extension should solve your problem. A third-party extension will block just the code that disables the right-click button and allows full use of JavaScript. Furthermore, extensions may also break many other limitations imposed by website owners, like ability to highlight, drag and drop, copy shortcuts and more. Below are two popular extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

RightToCopy (Google Chrome)

As the name suggests, RightToCopy focuses on copying online content and removing all the restrictions imposed over it. This extension will enable right click, enable highlighting text, copy shortcuts and even remove “Read more at” tags from copied content.

RightToClick (Firefox)

RightToClick is similar to RightToCopy, but it offers more customization options and features. It will let you enable right click, copy/cut/paste functionality, drag and drop, left click, text highlight, double click, shortcuts, timers and event listeners. You can easily enable/disable these features by going to the RightToClick options.

These were the methods through which you can bypass the right click block in any website, hope this tutorial will help you in the best way possible.

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  1. In order to bypass the right-click block or any other restriction imposed by JavaScript, all you need to do is just disable it in the browser and refresh the same page, so that it now reloads without JavaScript functionality.

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