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Choosing the Perfect Professional Username for Twitter & Facebook!

Choosing the Perfect Professional Username for Twitter & Facebook!

This is a complete and comprehensive guide for everyone to get a Perfect & Professional Username for Twitter (@Handle) and Facebook fan page as well as for Instagram, LinkedIn….

  1. Just Put in “The”

It’s easy to add “The” to any Twitter username.

  1. Use “This is” or “I am”

These fit nicely with most names (especially for Personal Use).

  1. Begin With “We are”

This works for companies, businesses & groups.

  1. Use Your Name & Industry

Using your name & industry in your Twitter handle can help optimize your Twitter account for the search engines.

  1. Use Initials

Add an initial to your name if someone already has your favorite moniker.

  1. Businesses Can Use “HQ”

The universal symbol for headquarters works great & it’s not very long. Here at TechLinu we use TechLinuHQ for our Facebook fan page.

  1. “Meet”, “Try”, “Use”, “Get”, “Join”
Twitter Username Suggestions
Twitter Username Suggestions

These words can juice up a Twitter handle for a service-oriented company or app.

  1. App Companies Use “App”

App companies can use the word “App”.

  1. No “I” in “Team”

Using the word “Team” in your handle helps fans join with your brand.

  1. Location: Country, State, City

This tells fans where your company is located.

  1. Domain Name

Using “dotcom” or “com” “org” “net” in your handle will help fans remember your website.

  1. “Inc” Works for Businesses

Use “Inc” if you run a corporation (Looks awesome).

  1. Just “Ask”

If you ran a consultancy business or simply Q&A website then Ask is the perfect prefix.

  1. Use “Real”

Donald Trump and many other use the prefix “Real” in their Twitter.

Key Takeaway

As you see here, there are many ways to craft the perfect Twitter username.

You can use these tips nearly for all of your social media profiles such as Facebook, Google Plus, Fan Pages….

What Do you Use?

If you have any other good Prefix or Suffix, feel free to share it with us using the comment box below 🙂

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