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Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme for Business

Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme for Business

There are quite lots of WordPress themes for business available. So many that the selection among them can be overwhelming! You can literally spend hour after hour looking at themes, liking this aspect of one, that aspect of another, until they all blur into each other and you find it difficult to pick just one theme that will be the most appropriate for your company.

At the end of the day, the aim of any business website is to turn visitors into customers. The best way to building a conversion friendly website is to consider custom design over templates. However, template websites may be a good choice for you if you have a limited budget.

WebAlive, an experienced team of web designers in Sydney explains,

“Templates are very budget friendly, so if you have limited content and only need basic functions, a template might be the right choice for you.”

There are five main elements to look for when searching for a WordPress theme for business that will allow you to maximize your conversions.

#1 Multiple CTA Options

Multiple CTA Options
Multiple CTA Options

Arguably the most important element of a landing page is the Call to Action. If you’ve done everything properly, visitors to your site have been attracted either through advertising, search or a social link, and are looking to take an action to engage more with your business. Make it easy for them!

Obviously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to make it very comfortable to buy your product or service.

But you shouldn’t stop there. Not every visitor to your site will be an “ideal” visitor who is directly ready to buy. For the majority of people, you need to present another path that needs less commitment. Perhaps that path involves getting them to become an email subscriber. Or offering them a free e-book or freebie download.

Picking WordPress themes for Business that are already optimized with multiple CTA buttons or captures will make it easy to maximize your conversions.

#2 Big Headlines

When it comes to selecting a WordPress theme, bigger is better! Headlines are worth 90% of the advertising dollar, and have been proven by companies like Buzzfeed and Upworthy to be vital in the victory of a business.

Headlines are critically important because they are the first line that visitors see, and it helps them define whether they are willing to devote time and energy into reading your content. The headline alone can make or break a webpage, and sets the tone for the rest of the copy. Some WordPress themes have headlines that are too small and difficult to read, or don’t have clear typography.

Large headlines with clear formatting make a page easy for visitors to digest.

#3 Flexible Design Options

One danger of using a pre-existing theme is looking like a “samey” site that does not stand out or motivate your visitors to get involved. A good WordPress theme will have easy-to-use customization options to make the site suit the needs of your unique business, and allow you to customize with your collateral (including a custom logo and branded images).

Any template you choose should offer the capability to add screenshots, features, team members and testimonials in an eye-catching and visually convincing arrangement.

#4 User-Friendly & Responsive Design

User-Friendly & Responsive Design
User-Friendly & Responsive Design

In 2018, it should go without saying that if your website does not present a good experience for visitors on mobile devices, you may be leaving an increasingly large portion of your potential audience out in the cold. Many good WordPress themes automatically resize your site experience for various smartphones and tablets, optimizing the site experience for these smaller screens. This is called “Responsive” design, and it is a must-have feature for any WordPress site you may build. Potential customers could be reaching your business from any device, and a bad site experience that loads slowly or is hard to read will end any interaction before a conversion could happen.

#5 SEO Optimized Theme

Last but not less, SEO optimized theme is the optimal choice! The key goal of designing a web page for conversions is to attract possible customers through search. Look for a theme that has built-in plugins and SEO optimization features to help you include the right keywords, tags, and vital terms that will help your content rise & rank well in SERPs.

There is no one “silver bullet” theme when it comes to designing websites meant to convert. Every business is different, and you should know your audience and customers better than anyone else. You can find your theme on Google or can hire a local web design company to do it hassle-free for you.

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