Clay Tablet to Printer- The Journey of Printing

Clay Tablet to Printer- The Journey of Printing

Technology has led to the evolution of printers- that altered every bit of it. Be it size, speed, efficiency and voluminous printing. When the printer’s journey kick started way back in 1400s by the prominent Guttenberg- it shaped the pathway on what could possibly originate as the Printing.

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Johann Gutenberg was just a Goldsmith. However his invention was truly profound in nature.  Though it could be lauded for being revolutionary, the initial process was slow with machines to be in manual operation. Ranging from Ink to Paper rolls, the printing process was on an entire labour operation.

The Guttenberg’s printing press was a complicated manual set up. With an alloy of lead, tin and antimony that would melt at low temperature, it was then possible to use and reuse the separate pieces of type, as long as the metal in which they were cast did not wear down, simply by arranging them in the desired order.

The Story Of Clay Tablet

The idea of storing writings could be dated back to the early 1400 in Babylon. The writers of the era known as scribes stored their documents in Clay tablets. These writings were their insights.

With no source of recording such information these writings were usually imprinted into the clay tablets. With the sun baking activity on the imprinted tablets for a day- these tablets were actually kiln baked and the information had been stored over many years. With these dried clay tablets expanding- storage of these clay tablets seemed to be the problem.

However the most interesting aspect of clays tablets was the perpetual existence. The Fire hardened substances could withstand everything and manage to be in a good shape for centuries, perfectly preserving the writings.

The Clay Tablets were not an easy medium to write and store information. Held in the left hand with the text being impressed upon its surface, the writings were done with a stylus made of reed by the right hand. The writing drifted from the left to the right, column by column and was used till the backside. Clay Tablets could never be mastered in a day. It took few years to master the art of writing on it. 

The Printer’s Journey

The Journey of Printer was remarkable. It often disappeared and appeared with a renewed invention and innovation. Following Guttenberg’s Route -The Bed and Platen, The Cylinder Press, The

Linotypes and Monotypes and the Xerox were exceptional inventions of mankind.

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