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Create Anti-Crackable Password

Create Anti-Crackable Password

Creating a strong password will increase your account’s security and will help you not to lose data in cyber attacks. Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook CEO) Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked, do you know why? Its simple, because he used a simple and weak password (dadada).

In this tutorial we will explain the different ways using which you can create a strong yet ant-crackable password for your online accounts, devices and computers.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your passwords from being cracked and create Anti-Crackable password:

  • Use strong passwords that cannot be determined by a dictionary attack.
  • Don’t post your passwords near your computer.
  • Limit wrong attempts to three tries, and then lock the account. The password must then be reset. (This does not apply to documents or password protected zip files – they do not have lock out options.)
  • Change passwords regularly (Once in a month for Maximum Security & once in 2 months for Normal Security).
  • Use a variety of passwords for different computers. Does this mean that you need to create a unique password for everything? Absolutely not. Maintain a master password for things that don’t matter to you (perhaps the account you were required to create for Gmail or for your account on the local newspaper). But use good passwords for anything that actually needs to be secure.

Best & strong passwords:

  • Cannot be found in a dictionary
  • Contain numbers, letters and those odd swear symbols on top of the numbers
  • Contain upper and lower case letters
  • The longer the “stronger”

With a 2 letter password, and 26 letters in the alphabet, plus 10 numbers (ignoring symbols), there are 236 possible combinations (687,000,000 possibilities). Increase the password length to 8 characters, and there are 836 combinations (324,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possibilities).

There are many password generators available on the internet, but these will generate a nearly impossible to remember password.

Try instead to use a seemingly random string of letters or numbers that you can easily recall. For example:

  • Gandt3b! (Games and the 3 buyers!)
  • JJPL2c1d (Jasmine, Joun, Parker, Lury, 2 cars, 1 d – the members of your family)

Choose a stronger password and be safe 🙂

Create Anti-Crackable Password

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  1. if the one who tries to break a password Uses a dictionary attack, then its ok, if the same guy uses something like bruteforce attack, then how to handle those things??

    1. Thanks for dropping by and living a comment. If you mean Bruteforce attack for websites for example websites that uses WordPress CMS, there are many plugins which can handle those kind of attacks.

      We will post a tutorial which will describe all the methods to handle Bruteforce attacks. Thanks 🙂

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