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How to Create Brochure that Engages Your Customers

How to Create Brochure that Engages Your Customers

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or you have a freelance gig in addition to your full-time job, you can make sure your services are in high demand by creating an engaging, informative, and attractive brochure. Read on to discover how to create an engaging brochure for your customers.

Location, Location, Location

Of course you’ll be advertising your business on your fully functioning website, but there will be times when you need handouts, and that’s when you should have a supply of brochures ready. If you’re a candle maker at a farmer’s market, a band looking for your next gig, or anything in-between, you should be distributing your brochure to places like:

  • Gift shops
  • Bakeries
  • Libraries
  • Coffee shops

Get Noticed

The look of your brochure will depend a lot on what service you offer, but remember that your first goal is to attract attention. You want people to pick up your brochure and read it, and for that you need bright, long-lasting ink.

Choose Best Quality Printer Cartridge
Choose Best Quality Printer Cartridge

No one is interested in a brochure or pamphlet that looks old and worn because of the faded ink. If you’re printing the brochures yourself, make sure you have a good supply of long-lasting, high-quality ink cartridges.

Be Clear

Make sure that your typeface is as clear and easy-to-read as your quality ink. Use a large font to introduce your service and your company name and contact information. The supporting information can be in a smaller point font, but don’t make it too small. No one wants to struggle to read about your service.

Be Friendly

Keep your tone friendly and direct. Tell your potential customers why you’re offering this service or product. Include a photo of yourself making the candles or with a guitar or alongside a restored antique bookcase. In this way, they’ll associate you with your product.

However, if you’re offering a serious service, adjust your tone accordingly. In other words, don’t use a smiling photo of yourself or casual tone if your freelance job is in one of the following fields:

  • Funeral services
  • Medical or dental services
  • Financial services
  • Mental health counseling


Determine your budget at the outset. Check with your accountant to see if the brochure expenses are tax deductible. In addition to choosing high-quality paper and ink, you might need:

  • Graphic design assistance: the layout of the brochure will add to its effectiveness.
  • Photographs: whether they are professionally done or snapshots from your collection, make sure all photography is high resolution, clear, and in-focus.
  • Copywriter: a professional writer can elevate your product or service.


Once you’ve determined your overall budget, decide if you need 100 brochures or 1,000, and then divide by that number. That will tell you how much each brochure costs. And the cost of each brochure will help you decide where you will distribute them.

Distribute Your Brochure To Targeted Customers
Distribute Your Brochure To Targeted Customers

In other words, if your brochures cost $5.00 each, then don’t leave a stack of them on a free table at a library. Instead, pin one to a bulletin board at a library and hand out the others to folks who seem genuinely interested in your product or service.


No matter what your service, you don’t want a silly typographical error to turn off potential customers. Make sure to proofread the text, especially any contact information. If at all possible, hire a professional proofreader.

In the end, the brochure is a reflection of you and your business, so you want it to be as high in quality as possible without breaking your budget. Follow the advice posted above and you’ll be on your way to saving money, growing your freelance business, and engaging with potential customers.

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