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The Digital Parenting Checklist

The Digital Parenting Checklist

In the age of technology, it is as if each and every single parent out there has to go back to school to understand the things that have become a part of everyday life for their children. They have to become tech savvy in some way in order to understand their children and understand the things that hold meaning in their life and are important to them in many ways. Therefore, for parents interested in making their bond with their child stronger than it ever was before, here are a few things that they can do.

  • Even if you are an engineer in one of the fields that have something to do with computer and technology, it is no novel fact that your daughter or your son may know a lot more than you about certain things when it comes to your home. Thus, even if you feel like your children might be able to navigate the cyberspace all by themselves, you should guide them about the few basic things they need to look out for over the internet, just like you would when guide them through every single stage of their life.
  • As a parent, we know how busy you are trying to give your children the best life you possibly can, but that does not mean that in your quest to the top you completely forget about the people that you are working so hard for. Thus, just to be a team player, you could try some of the things that your child seems to enjoy. It can be anything, from trying a game with them on their Xbox or creating a Facebook profile, it would be enough to make your child feel like you are one of them.
  • Remember that you are not alone in this quest of being a tech-savvy parent in the digital age. Thus, it is always in your best interest that you talk to your friends, your child’s friends and their families regarding this topic since you may always be able to learn new things and tips that can prove to be quite helpful when it come to tackling the digital world together.
  • Do not be frightened in any way to set some ground rules when it comes to using technology. A young child who has just started using the internet or even one that has been using it for quite a while is bound to make a mistake at one point or another which has the potential follow them for the rest of their life, tarnishing their reputation and ruining their chances.
  •  Make use of all that additional built-in controls that come with the various electronics that you have at your home such as Safesearch option on Google and Parental Control that you see of a number of electronic devices as well as privacy controls that are offered by a number of sources.
  • When it comes to parenting and taking care of young children, you don’t have to be alone. If you have older children in the house that are able enough to take care of the younger ones than you should, by all means,  have them help you out. If they can babysit their younger siblings, they can certainly look out for their well-being as well.
  • Communication is the key to parenting. Not only does it help you forge a lasting bond between yourself and your child, but it also allows you to know the things that are bothering your child, since your child may feel secure enough in your relationship to share such details with you. Similarly, since you don’t hold back on educating your child on the various social issues, you shouldn’t hold back on discussing things like Sexting and cyberbullying since they are quite prevalent in this time and age.
  • Technology is important to children, especially because of the time that we live in. Therefore, even if it is important for you to know what they are doing and you use technology to serve as your eyes and ears in the form of parental monitoring apps, that certain does not mean that you are allowed to go overboard and abuse power given to you.

Here is a basic list of things that you need to take care of in order to be a responsible and a careful parent, to whom the safety and the well-being of their children and family always come first. We also recommend you to read: Expert Tips for Family Online Safety


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