E-commerce Strategies to Keep you Ahead of the Competition

E-commerce Strategies to Keep you Ahead of the Competition

The world of eCommerce is constantly evolving, forcing large and small business alike to keep up with new innovations, trends, and strategies or be doomed to failure. While the industry has experienced nothing but healthy growth, the main problem business owners face is making their products stand out from the competition.

Winning over customers requires staying ahead of the competition. That’s easier said than done, but utilizing a few excellent eCommerce strategies can give you an edge that other businesses in your industry are lacking.

Omnichannel Marketing

A hot topic among digital marketers in 2017, Omnichannel marketing has now become a necessity for eCommerce sites looking to give their customers a more unified experience across different channels. Consumer behavior is always changing, which makes it necessary for marketers to change their approach and tactics when it comes to their strategies.

In today’s age, it doesn’t matter if your customer is using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, their experience needs to remain the same across platforms. In most cases, a single customer will use all of these devices to interact with your eCommerce store.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel

Omnichannel differs from multichannel in that all of your channels and devices are integrated instead of working independently. While staying on top of each department is slightly more challenging this way, you have access to all sorts of marketing automation platforms to tackle the largest of obstacles and help you reach your goals.

Best of Breed Approach

The idea behind this approach is to create a high-quality offering by integrating technologies from a variety of vendors. This makes what your company has to offer unique and diverse, but also comes with 3 keys that drastically increase site performance.

Specialty Performance

Businesses are complex by nature, with each individual entity having a specific set of needs. Whether that means requiring unique shipping and payment methods or product specifications, it can become a daunting task for a business owner to find a way to solve these needs. Most business end up using an enormous amount of resources while dealing with the hassle of continual updating.

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With the Best of Breed approach, you can add the level of personalization you need with an increased performance that would simply be impossible to build internally by utilizing outside organizations who continually invest in R&D to ensure the functionality of your add-ons pairs with your website while meeting your customer’s needs.

Few Resources Make Things Easy

Online Shopping Websites
Online Shopping Websites

Today’s modern solutions usually include APIs that plug into one another with ease. This allows companies to expand their site’s functionality while utilizing minimal or even no development resources. Choosing to run lean helps add to the bottom line without sacrificing the smoothness of your operations.

For instance, you might choose to link cloud services to one another with a few clicks of the mouse to pair your ecommerce platform and data with any other software available. Some have even chosen to build entire companies simply by attaching APIs together. It’s a level of simplicity that shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Speed and Functionality

Building custom functionality takes a lot of time and effort, but creating integration to your site does not. Choosing to integrate helps sellers stay ahead of competing businesses while meeting the needs of their customers within minutes instead of weeks or months. Smaller companies especially benefit from this by quickly ramping up their website to follow emerging trends and meet internal needs.

Don’t Give Up on Content

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Content marketers are churning out articles and posts like an industrial era factory, which makes it difficult to see the kinds of results you could have expected from unique, engaging content in the past. However, content marketing remains one of the absolute most effective strategies out there. The trick to making your content stand out is to offer your consumers with something valuable that they cannot get anywhere else.

How to Pull It Off

Leaders in the industry have moved from simply creating new articles on their blogs once a week to creating high-quality, enriching content on a more consistent basis. Raising your content to that level requires a deeper understanding of your customers. All you have to do is place yourself in their shoes and see what problems they might face, then figure out what types of content solve those problems.

Pro Tip: Look into your competitor’s content to see what they are creating and what you are up against. Also, changing your logo helps focus buyer’s eyes back on you, which by extension means your content as well.

Social Media Still Matters

Facebook and other social media platforms have been around for over a decade and it’s common sense at this point in time that any business needs a strong social presence. Well, these platforms are continuing to grow by the day, making it more crucial than ever to make the best of use of them.

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Building Your Social Empire

Just using Facebook alone doesn’t cut it anymore, however. Your business needs to be on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and more if you want to draw in the largest audience of buyers possible. Each account needs to be creating content that consumers want to like and share if you want a better ROI from your campaigns.

The larger your presence, the more engaged your audience is. That leads to increased traffic and sales at your eCommerce site while increasing brand awareness. Make your presence huge by linking to your website, utilizing social media buttons on your site, and creating eye catching headlines that increase your shares and visibility.

Putting it All Together

Whether you sell with WooCommerce, handle heavy B2B transactions, or are just getting your operation off the ground, utilizing the right strategies will put you ahead of the competition and secure the level of satisfied customers you are looking for. So, are you ready to make your eCommerce business the success you’ve envisioned?

Did we miss any pro tip? Share your tips in comments.

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  1. Another tip to add, I personally use Hootsuite to keep all my social media accounts integrated and do backlinks. The free account has a limit of 30 scheduled posts and that’s enough to keep all your social media updated for 5 days at a time. Pretty good solution if you are going to be away for some time.

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