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Error! Painful QA Mistakes You Must Avoid

A tech company needs a quality assurance team. Whether you’re working in web, software, or game development, the QA team is of the utmost importance. Don’t make these mistakes with your QA practices!

Undefined objectives

This is a problem that has plagued QA departments for years. QA must have a comprehensive knowledge of precisely how something should work. It’s not just a case of finding out if something is obviously broken. From a user’s perspective, a certain feature might seem okay, in that it doesn’t break. But if the feature doesn’t do exactly what it’s supposed to do, QA need to be able to identify it. The way to solve this is to make sure QA are more involved in the planning process. Make sure they have full access to any design specifications. These must be followed while tests are run.

Identifying objectives


The wrong tools

Testing seems like an easy enough task. You just sort of use the software until something goes wrong, right? Well, there are actually some very complex QA tasks if you want to test the software thoroughly. In fact, pushing the software to its limits might not be something QA have the time for if they do it manually. That’s why you need to look into comprehensive testing tools. This list by QASymphony is filled with suggestions and reviews for testing tools.

Long hours

One of the leading causes of long hours in QA is the fact that QA often can’t do their job properly until a given time. When everyone gets in, there should be a “build” ready for QA to test. Throughout the day, developers will work on a new build, or edit the current one. If the developers take too long to do things, then QA will be left having to test something new very close to the end of the day. Overtime in the world of testing is often considered a given, something that anyone interested in QA must suffer. Do not let that be the norm in your business.

Working For Long Hours
Working For Long Hours

Credit: Flickr

Not taking it seriously enough

You can’t afford to be flippant when it comes to testing. The testers shouldn’t treat the process like it’s a laugh. (This kind of attitude is quite prevalent when people start something like video game testing!) But the problem doesn’t always come from within. A lot of the time, the QA department simply don’t get much respect from the other departments. A lot of weight should be put on what the QA team have to say. Make sure they have a strong sense of responsibility. Holding them responsible for both failures and successes will work better for both them and other departments.

Assuming previous standards are good enough

QA standards should always be very high. But projects never go perfectly. There is always something that developers and testers can learn from the mistakes of each project. What this should mean is that QA passing standards should actually increase with every project. These standards can apply to both a new project and with their own processes. The QA team should be afforded enough time to take a good look at how they do things. If they only ever have time to hammer away at software checks, then they won’t actually ever improve their process.

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  1. Hello,

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    The QA team in any organization mainly looks at two things. First is the product or service, which is the basic need of the customer or client. Second is whether the customer or client will prefer the product or service in the future.

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    And as a software tester, I think one of the difficult thing is the selection of automation tools. And we know automation tools plays an important role in the software industry.

    Thanx for sharing this information.
    Would love if you share more regarding auotmation.

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