Essentials of The WordPress Website – Let’s Take a Drive

Essentials of The WordPress Website - Let’s Take a Drive

Nowhere to everywhere, WordPress open source platform gives you mind-blowing opportunity to take your business to the next level. WordPress community takes the lead in improving your user experience and site functionalities. With simple setup and steps, you can leverage the presence of your online store. Moreover, with the latest update, WordPress has made major changes in the CMS, so developers don’t have to work hard on customizing, coding, and most importantly fixing bugs.

In this tutorial, we will try to understand some of the essentials of the WordPress platform to get you closer to the user. The website with below features can convince any visitor to opt for your services. Let’s don’t keep you engaging in dreaming and move to areal part of the article.

#1 Message

Every visitor comes to your site with the goal to gain some quality information, which they can rely on for productive work. Whatever may be your services or products ensure landing page is well crafted with information which they are visiting for. In the shorter version, keep your presentation simple and informative. By this, they will have a good time on the website and they come on more time for your services.

#2 Optimization

Do you keep yourself engaged with a particular site if it is taking more time to load? I hope, not, and 70 % of the researcher do the same. Here, you just have to optimize a website to bring down the loading time. A successful optimization can load web pages and a website faster. By this, the customer will have a look at the whole online shop and most importantly, they won’t run away from your store.

#3 Responsive

Do you ever disappoint your guest or visitor with your improper response or ugliness? I hope that nobody does insult to their customers. As well all know, replying to customers with the proper response is everything to make a good deal with them. Same goes for the online world, responsive site will help the user to reach to your services faster.

#4 Mobile and Desktop

You never know, how the user is going to reach you? Being a website owner, you should make sure that website is responsive to all the devices, platforms, and browsers. Always remember, search engine always show website that is responsive on the top.

A website that is compatible with all the devices, give the user a seamless experience and they may find easy to reach for information.

#5 Theme and Design

I often get irritated on websites or mobile application that don’t have proper designs. This is because I see something else when visiting for the first time and on another time some images will be distorted or trying to fill the frame. Do you like this kind of websites? I hope, not and your customers won’t too.

When developing a website, you should always think from the perspective of the customers.

WordPress Responsive Design
WordPress Responsive Design

#6 UI (User Interface)

The user interface is like a head for meeting the customers. Whatever the customer sees on the website is part of UI and which is everything. Point to understand, develop a website that is fully designed, attractive and has all the meaningful things on the same.

#7 User-friendly

Offering a seamless experience to customers can help in winning their trust. Whatever mobile, devices, or website or mobile applications you use, are best designed to help you meet your task in easier way. This is important because nobody like to perform complicated tasks. Always design your website in such way that user can easily find things around. This is important if you want customers to shop or use your services.

#8 More Functionality

There are 1000+ websites, which offers same services like you. just think, why should customer opt for your services? If you have the answer ready, then implement them to your site.

Adding more functionality to your web application can make easier for the customer to find everything in one place. You can enhance checking out facility, payment options, and most importantly add relevant services to your website.

One store for everything. I always look for a company that has the capability to meet all my requirements. I believe that 60 % of the online shoppers do the same.

Take Example of Amazon. They have a tie-up with all the B2C retailer all over the world to meet their customer needs. Whatever you look on the Amazon store, you will find it there.

You can do the same, offer your user relevant services, and they will your company. This kind of functionality can be very much helpful even for new trending technologies such as wearable, IoT and Bigdata, too!

#9 Call to action

The most important part of the website and any online business. Make sure that you design and place a call to action button wherever possible. This help customer to reach for a particular thing way faster than they can think. Call to action button should be very attractive and influencing.

#10 Look and Feel

The real game begins here because we all believe in the first impression is the last impression. Look and feel is most for the convincing user to have look at the site. If a customer finds something unrelated to the business or subject, they might feel confusing and you will lose your consumer.

The best way to choose the look and feel for the website is that you develop a theme and every design according to your target audience,services, and business nature. Another thing you can do is keeping everything simple and remove the congested section. Yes, this might help to improve the look and feel of the website.

#11 Color

I don’t have much to say anything here, but ensure that you chose your colors wisely. The right color at the right place can convince user. One thing can be understanding here is that putting all the colors on the page may distract user to some other activity

#12 Fact

Look up all the brands, you will notice one thing that is they have a combination of three, or maximum four colors.

To unease the level of stress, you can opt for a fully developed theme which is available on the internet. You just have to pick the best theme for your business needs and that is all.

#13 Security

When you are running a successful business online, it is your responsibility to protect the user and business data. Have you taken any precaution yet? Don’t worry, you are never too late to implement the best thing for future. All you have to do is opt for latest security measures and protect your website from hacking.

#14 Plugins and their security

Plugins for WordPress
Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is all about installing the right plugin to enhance the capability of the website. Let’s go back and think, are these plugins secure, or verified by a WordPress community. If you are using third party plugins, you should try to customize them and add your custom code to lock all the back door of the plugin. Another way to verify and secure your plugin is that using security plugin to secure other plugins.The plugin is available on the official WordPress site.

#15 Update

This is the most important part when you are a part of open source and online community. The WordPress community frequently rolls out updates for improving security and remove bugs and this would be helpful for every wordpress development company. Another best thing about using open source is that you are protected by the community. If you are facing a problem with your WordPress site, you can contact the community for assistance. They will be offering you instant solutions.

#16 CAPTCHA login

This is one of the best ways to stop unauthorized entry to the website. if you are allowing the user to sign up on your website, then you should use the best way to secure it. more of the hackers try to get in the backend of the website from here. You can use the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) free plugin for WordPress.

Are you using the best available solutions to protect your website?

#17 Content

Obviously whatever you have on the website is part of the search engine. Content on the website decides what type of audience might visit this page. Is your web pages SEO friendly? To redirect the right audience to the website, you need to develop a content that contains keywords, and quality information.

#18 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Uploading SEO friendly content on the site can help you to get along with potential customers. Search engine always rank pages that contain the keywords that are searched by the user. To know what customers will search for, you can do keywords research. This will also help you in understanding customers.

#19 Social media marketing

As we all know, customers spend their 60% of the time on social media network. If you are looking forward to drawing the attention of a whole group of audience, then social media marketing is a way to go option. You will be able to redirect maximum people to the site with one click. Another benefit of digital marketing is it helps you to know what customers think about the brand and understands them. This can help in enhancing your business needs.

#20 Media

To explain your services to customers, you can make videos or images. As they are more influencing and attract everyone.  If possible, always try to convey your messages through videos,first-person viewpoint or images.

This can drive more attention to the user.

Last words

If you really want to get along with more user, opt for the above essential. You will see the best outcome in less time. Another best thing to do in e-commerce is that analyzing the business and comparing your store with leading companies. This can help you to know where you are doing wrong. You can be a smart entrepreneur, by choosing the latest trend.

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Author Bio:

Hiren Raval

Mr. Hiren Raval is leading the team of enthusiastic professionals at Brainvire, a wordpress development company since last 4 years. Building powerful strategies for analysis, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance, he handles the comprehensive and tailored approach to app development.

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  1. It’s amazing how wordpress expanded from a blogging CMS to cover everything from e-commerce websites to video plateforms and more. There is no reason one wouldn’t want their website to be built in wordpress given the amount of plugins and options it provides, and if you can’t do it yourself you can always find a developer who can do it for you for a very reasonable cost.

  2. Hello, Very informative article, Thanks for providing such great tips for aspiring bloggers! it will be really going to help us with our website building and secure login.Wordpress is one that used worldwide thanks for sharing this amazing tips on it. keep it up for more

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