Fix Copy of Windows 10 Not Genuine

Fix Copy of Windows 10 Not Genuine

When Windows reports the error “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, there is a problem with the registration. The message appears if you haven’t yet entered your product key or it is already being used on another PC, for instance.

To fix this problem, open the Control Panel and open the category “System and Security”. Under “System”, right at the bottom, you will see “Windows Activation”. There, click on “Change Product Key” or “Activate Windows”. Now enter the right code or a new one. If the activation still doesn’t work, you will need to contact Microsoft.

You can use the Advanced Token Manager to back up the Windows activation easily. Once the EXE file starts, you will find your product key, which you can also write down now, in the second row.

Click on “Activation Backup” to create a backup of your Windows and Office activation on the desktop. On Windows 8 and later versions, you will also find the Windows activation in the folder “C:\ Windows\System32\spp\store”.

That’s it Now Your Windows 10 is Genuine 🙂

Fix Copy of Windows 10 Not Genuine

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  1. I’ve been using KMSPICO 10.18 for making it activated, i’ve a doubt, whether we can do it activated by some CMD tricks just like we do for Win7 by typing SLMGR -REARM, can we have this type of hack in win10??

    1. Yes there are many Crackers and Activators available for windows 10, 7, 8… and I think Microsoft patched that problem and you won’t be able to activate it through CMD.

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