Google AI Will Help You Draw Professionally Online

Google AI Will Help You Draw Professionally Online

Can’t draw, won’t draw? No matter. Google can come to the rescue! Now you can draw nearly anything professionally without any hassle using the AutoDraw AI powered by Google.

What is Google AutoDraw AI?

A new website that tries to guess what you’re drawing then turns it into a professional version, transforming your rough scribbles into art.

How does it do that?

By using what’s behind so many great websites at the moment: machine learning. The more pictures that AutoDraw sees, the more accurate its guesses become – using artificial intelligence only, rather than human. It’s the latest addition to Google’s brilliant collection of AI Experiments.

What if I can’t draw?

Google AutoDraw
Google AutoDraw

That doesn’t matter anymore. Just go to (on your PC, phone or tablet) and start doodling on screen with your mouse or (if you have a touchscreen) your finger. We drew a cat, as you can see in Screenshot AutoDraw will try to recognize what’s in your picture, and suggest options along the top. Our drawing of a cat was so bad that AutoDraw first thought it was a pineapple, then a bucket of paint.

Did it guess right eventually?

Yes, as soon as we added mustaches. It suggested several cat images, including the one we chose (see Screenshot 2).

Can I get more creative with it?

Absolutely! As you draw you can add elements from the left-hand menu, including text, shapes, and colors. To remove AutoDraw’s suggestions, simply click the second pencil icon down (called ‘Draw’), then change the thickness by moving the black slider at the top.

What if I just draw random squiggles?

That won’t beat AutoDraw. We unleashed our inner toddler on it, scrawling all over the screen, expecting to crash the site or have it identified as a bowl of spaghetti. Instead it calmly suggested several pretty patterns, including the one on the left.

Can I download the images?

Sure, both your drawing and AutoDraw’s, as a PNG file. Click the top-left menu button (three horizontal lines), then select Download. This menu also lets you share the image. Click Share, then choose whether to post the image on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Alternatively, click the Copy Link button to copy a URL of the drawing, then paste it into an email and send it.

What can I use the image for?

Anything you like – there’s no copyright. Our muggy image, for example, would make a lovely image for a newsletter about your pet cat (should you ever feel the need to write one).

Who created the images?

Some of them were made by designers, illustrators and artists (see www., who teamed up with Google. Their suggestions in AutoDraw are marked with a gold star. Others appear to have come from Google’s ‘Quick, Draw!’ database.

What’s that?

It’s another example of how computers can learn to recognize drawings. Visit QuickDraw and you’ll be asked to sketch something in less than 20 seconds. The AI powering the website guesses what you’re drawing, as though it’s playing Pictionary with you.

What else can Google’s AI do?

It can translate an object into another language simply by recognizing a photo of it. Equally impressive is Birds Sounds, a tool that categorizes thousands of noises made by our feathered friends. They are definitely the most interesting tweets on the web.

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