Google Android O Beta To Come Soon

Google Android O Beta To Come Soon

Google has completely reformulated and changed Android OS developments and testing. If the tests were initially private and internal, it was slowly opening up to other users.

After a very successful experiment with Android Nougat, this testing program has now come to an end, paving the way for the Beta program of Android O.

It was with its Beta program that Google developed and evaluated all the news that was creating for Android Nougat. With every new release it was launching, not only between different builds but also new versions of Android, it gave the community the chance to confirm the changes.

Now that Android Nougat is concluded, with several intermediate versions being released, the tech giant Google now decided to end this program and is preparing to launch the same type of tests soon, but in Android O.

On the site dedicated to this testing program, the message from Google is simple and straightforward. The Android Nougat testing program has been completed and all devices that were registered have received the latest public version.

“Thank you for your interest in the Android Beta Program! The beta for Android Nougat has concluded, and all devices that were opted in have been updated to the current public version. If you are still running a beta version of Nougat you may download the latest full OTA image for your device and sideload it. This will not wipe your device. We’ll update this site when the Android Beta Program begins”.

In addition to marking the end of the tests with Android Nougat, Google also opens the door to the soon arrival of Android’s testing program.

Android O, yet to be released, will be the next version of Google’s mobile operating system. Although it is already in testing, only the next I/O conference is expected to be made the announcement.

It will also be from that time on that probably the beta program of this version of Android will start, opening first to the Nexus and Pixel devices.

What are your thoughts on Android ‘O’? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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