Google Earth’s New Feature: Measures Distance and Area of Locations Anywhere on Earth

Google released an update to Google Earth this week that allows you to measure the distance between two locations or the square feet of an area. Now when you get into an argument with a colleague about how far apart two locations are or how large an area is, you can simply go to Google Earth and prove each other wrong.

This new feature is being rolled out to Chrome, with Android coming later this week, and iOS in the near future. While it is not currently available to try, the screenshots in the announcement show that you can use the Measure Tool to measure the distance between two locations as well as get the square feet of a particular location.

In the images shown, this new feature can be used by clicking on the Measure Tool icon. This will put you into a new mode where you can make a variety of measurements.

For example, you can define the square feet of an area by tracing around a particular location as shown below.

Using Google Earth to Measure the Area of a Location
Using Google Earth to Measure the Area of a Location

You can also use the tool to compute the distance between two locations no matter where they are on Earth.

Google Earth - Measure Distance
Google Earth – Measure Distance

Not only is this tool great for random trivia or for solving arguments, but it also has business uses such as the ability to scout out locations for building construction, real estate purchase, venue locations, and more. This feature can also be used by survey & geomatics engineers to measure various distances and areas.

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