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How Can I Make Android Game

How Can I Make Android Game

We have got some messages on our Facebook fan page where users asked “How Can I Make Android Game”, hence here we’re answering your question follow the Tutorial to understand more about Android Game Development.

Question: How Can I Make Android Game?

Well, we are assuming you know nothing about android, gaming & programming yet.

You can either learn to make a game by using a “game engine” or build it on native tools. (“Android Studio” for android). We’ll first answer your question using native tool such as “Android Studio”.

Step1: Learn programming! The language required to make an android game is Java. No shortage of books on Java & even online courses (all for free). Now this step is the basic foundation. Not only for android but generally no matter whether you’re developing Android apps or other OS apps. At Codecademy  you will learn Object oriented programming which is the base of many programming languages. If you grasp this nicely, learning to build on other platforms having different language won’t be difficult. It will just come down to getting used to their syntax.

Step2: Download Android Studio and fiddle around with it. I won’t suggest this though. This has been a traditional way of learning things since there weren’t so many resources to learn from. We have internet and I would say take up an online course and you can grab what is android studio about in a matter of hours. You won’t become a pro but then no-one becomes a pro in a few hours in anything.

Step3: Building a game. Easier than it sounds. A lot goes into making even a simple game. But start off with something basic. Think of a very simple game that is not graphically weighty. You can think of games like Sudoku, tic-tac-toe, Snake etc…. Make a game design document, which basically means lay down a blueprint of what your game shall consist of, like, menu screen, game screen, which button will do what, how my game will look like, color scheme etc.

You would feel like just sitting and start coding but believe me, it is a lot easier to have a game design document in hand, else you can get messed up in between and will lose track of things. And always document what you are doing. Comment out the code, like which block of code is doing what. Learn Game Programming/Design Patterns. It will make your code look good and scalable.

Now coming on to game engines. A game engine basically makes many things easier for you. You can build a game in one place and have it port to different platforms like Android, iOS, WebGL etc… without changing much. I cannot really describe it more than this right now and I don’t want to. Figure it out on your own. There are many good game engines in the market that have free versions (and they are all you ever need) E.g. Unity3d (Best One), Unreal engine, Construct 2, Game maker etc.

Resources for building on native platforms and game engines: Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere


Unity3D game engine will be a good choice to start developing games for Android.

From skill-set perspective you would need to learn the following to be able to follow the tutorials:

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language – will help learning Java, C#
  • Knowledge of at least one 2D or 3D editing tool (e.g. GIMP, Blender, etc.) – will be needed to create the assets that you would utilize in the game
  • Basic working knowledge and understanding of terminologies for Android development (e.g. manifest file, APK installable…)
  • Fundamentals of Geometry
  • Knowledge of terminologies used in a Physics engine (e.g. rigid bodies, collision detection…)

Equipped with above you should be able to start learning Unity by following the tutorials available online.

Hope you got your answer; now start learning the required tutorials for Android Game Development! 🙂

How Can I Make Android Game

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