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How to Earn Money Through Social Media

How to Earn Money Through Social Media

Social Media has been a trend for most of us these days. I have also experienced the use of Social Media for my business. This is really effective since most people use every kind of social media platforms.

I was hesitant at first to use one of the social media platforms. I thought that using a social media platform will not be effective. I tried to pick one platform. I tried to use Facebook to try. At first, I thought I could start with posting two to three items to sell. I have been receiving comments about the items. They asked me about the price. They even asked if I have other items to sell.

The event inspired me to post some more items to sell. I made albums for each variety. For example, there is an album for shoes. I also made one for clothes, bags, and beauty products. I observed more. As time flies by, I am getting more orders and added more albums. I made an album for Home Supplies. The album for home supplies got the attention from the moms in my Facebook friends list.

One of my friends in Facebook suggested that I should make a separate posting from personal and business. What I did is that I made a page. I transferred all of the items from the albums I made.

The use of Facebook page helped me a lot. Posting made it easier for me to organize the items. I would recommend this one. This is very effective and efficient. By just one like from your friends, they will be able to see your posts. After using Facebook, I thought about expanding. This time I tried Instagram. What I did is I made an account. Same thing I did with Facebook. I posted items with the description.

It is not that easy to get followers on Instagram. You may have to follow them first and ask them to follow back. That is how you will get customers. Another way is to advertise your account directly.

The good thing that happened to Instagram is that you can direct message. The first release of Instagram is not yet accessible to receive messages. This will be somehow difficult because you have to post your contact details with the item description. Another inconvenience is that the interested customers will have to ask by commenting. What will happen if many customers commented on and that there will be a comment that you will not get to answer?

The good thing is these Social Media platforms are keeping us updated about their improvements. As I have said earlier, Instagram made is easy for us by adding the direct message feature.

Now you see that there are many social media platforms that you can use to earn money. I have just cited two examples of social media pages. There are more to discover.

The real question now is how will you really earn money through these social media pages? Let’s know the effective ways!

Why do people use social media pages? Is it only because of the selling benefits? No. People or business owners aim for connections. The more connections, the better. If people communicate more, you will be able to build trust in both parties.

The consumers or customers need someone or something they can trust. This is the basis of their consumption or purchase. When there is an open communication, the customers can learn about your products and may choose from them.

5 Ways to Earn Decent Amount of Money Via Social Media:

  1. There is a Partner Program that you can join on YouTube. YouTube has become mainstream nowadays. This is commonly used by people who wants to make money by advertising. The important thing here is the number of views. How will you attract prospective customers if they know that you have few views? They will definitely assume that other people are not interested in what you are offering.
  2. The use of visual media is essential to promote your items. It will be easy if you already have Instagram. If you have acquired many followers, that is even better. People can easily see your latest posts, and they can have some items to choose from.
  3. Your products and services need to be promoted. Every week or month, there is always something new. When there is something new, it is best to promote your item right away. You just have to be careful in promoting. Do not post your item over and over again. People will not be interested anymore. You can make a schedule for your posts every day. You have to explore other options. You can make your own strategies in the promotion. It is better to learn from other business owners who already succeeded.
  1. You can provide your own description about your item. I know that before you sell something, you have to try it to know if it is good. When you try your item, this is where you can think of interesting details for your item before posting. The description needs to be interesting and catchy. You can make your description to the point where they will feel the excitement to try it. But the important thing is not to exaggerate. When you are honest with your product, people will continue to buy from you. Your customers will also help you promote your business.
  1. Are you having a hard time building your own business? Try affiliate marketing or drop-shipping! Promote products from other stores. This will be a good start. You can start by promoting their products and get commissions from them. When you promote a certain product, you need to be honest. Otherwise, when you get your own business, people will not trust you. This happens when you do not know the product personally or have not tried before.

There are so many factors to consider when you want to earn money through social media pages. You have to be careful and learn more. You can make your own strategy and be ready to earn money.

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