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An introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development

An introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development

For any budding IT professional, nothing is more fascinating than the prospect of developing a mobile application that he can experience firsthand and share with other users. Read on if you are looking for ways through which you can develop, use, and share mobile applications using Windows.

Understanding the Windows Mobile Security Model

Before you even begin learning the various ways through which you can develop mobile apps, it’s necessary that you understand the working setup of the windows security model. Doing so will help you factor everything in the different that you will most likely experience once you start with Windows mobile application development.

Let’s face it, high-end mobile devices such as the Windows Mobile devices, become more sophisticated and niche over time. This is due to the fact that the mobile developers consistently introduce and launch more advanced phone and networking features.

Unfortunately, with the rise malicious threats that are transferred over phone and digital networks, it has become necessary to protect users and networks from malevolent threats. In an attempt to protect its users, Windows will require you to confirm your individual or company’s identity before it allows you to launch your application to the general audience.

An introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development
An introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development

Once your identity is cleared, your application is then code-signed in order to include encrypted information that the Windows Mobile device uses to judge as trust-worthy or not. If your application is trusted, it can be installed without issuing warning statements.

Choosing a Programming Language for Windows Mobile Development

There are a lot of coding languages that you can choose from, considering the wide range of application usage. You can make your choice depending on the language that you can use and manipulate best.

Here are some programming languages that work well with Windows Mobile Application Development:

Visual C++

Considered as a native development language, Visual C++ is able to talk directly to the hardware of Windows Mobile devices with little or no interference). This language is also one of the most preferred languages for developing mobile apps.

However, given the language’s inherent complexity, mastering the language and using it to build an app can be a daunting task. You are at an advantage, if you are well versed with this language and have a good hold on its complexities, mainly because it makes way for greater execution speed, ideal application size. and all-round flexibility.

Visual C# and Visual Basic

Visual C# and Visual Basic are good managing languages, as well. In addition to being quite easy to learn, they also support the .NET Compact framework and can help be used for simple Windows mobile application development.

Client-side JScript

Jscript is a superset of a language popularly called JavaScript. Jscript programs offer for plain text files, which can be embedded in an HTML page or saved in separate files, is mainly loaded by the web browser linked to the mobile device. Publishing Windows Apps Publishing Windows Apps is, by far, one of the easiest ways to deploy apps to your enterprise. Microsoft, unlike Apple who insists on a specific enterprise certificate, does not require a specific enterprise certificate. Simply upload the publish-ready app to any popular mobile app manager and your app is ready to be published to an enterprise app store. Yes, it is, indeed, that simple!


Having had a strong foothold in the enterprise with its PC’s, Microsoft has gone a step ahead by thrusting itself into a mobile-driven world; understandably so given how mobile and “on-the-go” the workforce is becoming. With Windows Mobile Application Development, building, experiencing, and sharing mobile apps has become that much more accessible to the developing enthusiast. Want to learn these programming languages online? Click here!

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