iOS 10 The Next Generation of Apple Software

iOS 10 The Next Generation of Apple Software

Apple historically announces the next generation of iOS software at its WWDC events in June, and this year doesn’t look to be any different, although some rumors propose otherwise.

Our colleagues at Macworld US, for example, believe that iOS 9 is the first in a new iOS life cycle at Apple, with the company concentrating on more important ‘point’ updates rather than a completely new version of iOS. iOS 9.3 is a good example of this – iOS 9.3 came with a number of new features including Night Shift mode, which many believe is more of a ‘flagship’ software feature that should be announced with a totally new iOS update. iOS 9.3 also went through a precise public beta testing period too, something (generally) elite to new iterations of Apple’s mobile operating system.

However, if they are not right then what could we see from iOS 10? One key feature of the software, according to current rumors, is that users will eventually have the option to hide unwanted pre-installed apps.

That means you can wave farewell to default apps such as Stocks and Compass, two apps that we can sincerely say we’ve never used on our iPhones. Other significant software rumors include iCloud Voice-mail where Siri handles all unwanted calls, and possibly some kind of ‘Contact availability status’ where your phone will tell you if your contact is available to speak at that time.

iOS 10 The Next Generation of Apple Software

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  1. This is something interesting, Just now recently Marshmallow has launched and IOS has jumped one more step ahead to IOS 10, have to see whether Marshmallow can withstand or not, this is an excellent review.

  2. Have landed from, this seems to be an most worthful review, Everyone eye’s on IOS10 right now, need to wait and see its launch, and also recently apple CEO has added one wonderful offer for the one who find a bug in IOS10, add that offer to this post to make it more awesome, thanks

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