Know How to Repair Damaged Word File – Trouble Free Solutions

Know How to Repair Damaged Word File - Trouble Free Solutions

Do you know how to recover corrupted Word document? Are you looking for a solution to repair damaged Word file? Is it possible to restore a crashed .doc file without losing its data? Data corruption is the most common issue that has appeared in MS Office suite like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access etc. Apart from this, Word file is widely used as the format for sending a text document to every desktop users.

Yet, in some cases, when users try to access or edit the Word Document, it generates an error “Word document will not open. Word document appears to be corrupted, unreadable or damaged.” So, it is necessary to recover important documents that may lead to corruption. Thus, considering the requirement of end users, this blog let users understand how to recover crashed or unsaved Word file in a secured manner.

Repair Damaged Word File – Responsible Factors Behind the Corrupted DOC File

Before moving towards the solution to fix and recover text from unsaved or damage of Word .doc file, go through the following reasons to know why a DOC file got crashed:

  • The changing of bits in MS Word was transferred over an internet then, CRC errors will appear when data corruption occurs in Word document.
  • Malware or Virus attack in a Word file that may result in inaccessible Word document.
  • Word files are corrupted due to the compatibility problems when a document created in an older version and open in the latest version of Word.
  • Upgrading the edition of Microsoft Word, an existing document may become inaccessible or corrupt.
  • Malfunctioning of a Word processor, abnormal termination of MS Word software when a document is accessed, wrong migration or compressed data files, etc. that can also cause file corruption.

After understanding all such reasons and before going to the solutions to repair damaged Word file, let’s check some error messages generated when users try to save changes in any of the above situation.

Different Types of Errors in Microsoft Word File

There are several problems occurs while working with Microsoft Word file, so, before moving to the solutions to know how to repair and recover MS Word file errors. Check all these errors related to Word document file as described below:

Error 1: When starting MS Office Word, users may receive several error messages such as:

  • Run-time errors
  • Subscript out of range error.
  • Module name could not be found
  • Word cannot open this document template
  • Compile Error in hidden module name
  • Cannot open word document file name too long
  • Visual Basic Error “Object doesn’t support this property or method
  • The template_id or template_name specified is not a valid template
  • Command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open.
  • Microsoft VisualBasic “The macros in this project are disabled

Other than these errors, there are some more errors, a user came across, while working with MS Word document.

Error 2:Word is unable to save the document in the specified location

Error 3: Microsoft Word error message when saving a file error has occurred

Error 4:An unexpected error occurred and a Word document hasn’t been saved and/or how to recover a lost Word file.

Error 5: Unable to open Microsoft Word file, which was sent as an e-mail attachment, error message “The document name or path is invalid“.

Error 6: Word document will not open. Word document appears to be corrupted, unreadable or damaged“.

Error 7:Word 2011 a file error has occurred. Check your network connections.

Error 8:Word document cannot open. Word document appears to be corrupted, unreadable or damaged“.

Error 9:MS Word crashes with an error message “MS word has encountered an error and needs to close. Error details: hpxxxx.dll or hpxxxx.drv“.

Error 10:  “Word 2007 cannot save file: A file error has occurred

Easy Manual Approaches to Repair Damaged Word File

Go through the following procedure to recover and restore corrupted Word file using different manual techniques. Some of them are given below:

Solution 1: Insert File into New Word Document

  • You can create a new blank file in MS Word
  1. a) In MS Word 2010, click on the File menu and choose New
  2. b) Now, go to Blank document, and select

Remember: Keep in mind when you need to reapply the specific formatting to the last section of the new Word document file.

  • You can insert a corrupt Word file into the new document
  1. a) Under the Insert tab, select Insert Object, and choose Text From File
  2. b) From Insert dialog box, locate and then, select the damaged document. Afterward, press Insert.

Solution 2: Use in-built Recovery Software to Repair Damaged Word File

Remember: The “Recover Text from Any File” converter has some limitations. For an instance, Word documents keep losing formatting. Further, drawing objects, graphics, and another item may have lost. All such components i.e., field text, headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes are maintaied in the simple text.

  • In Word Document, click on File tab, and choose Open
  • In the Files type dialog box, select the option Recover Text from Any File(*.*)
  • Now, select a Word file which you want to access and then, choose Open

Once the Word file is repaired with “Recover Text from Any File” converter, there are some binary or text files that are not exported. Basically, the binary text comes at the start or end of the MS Word document. You can also remove this binary text before saving it as the Word document.

Remember: If using Word document 2007 there is no File Menu available in User Interface, make sure select Microsoft Office and follow each step when required.

To repair damaged Word file, read and implement the next solution carefully.

Solution 3: Opening Damaged Word File in Draft Mode Without Updating the Links

  • First, you have to configure Microsoft Word
  1. a) Open Word file.
  2. b) From the Document Views group, select the option
  3. c) In MS Word, click on File >> Options >> Advanced.
  4. d) Under Show document content field, choose Use Draft font in Draft and Outline views and Show Picture placeholders.
  5. e) Next, click on clear the Update automatic links from the General section and press OK button and Exit Word document
  • Secondly, Open corrupt or Damaged document
  1. a) Start the Word
  2. b) In MS Word, go to the File menu, and choose Open.
  3. c) Click on the damaged document, and select Open
  4. d) If you want to open a Word Document, close that file and then, reopen it.


Many times users have faced the problem all of a sudden Word documents can become corrupt. Along with this, we have discussed certain reasons and some of the error messages related to MS Word. Also, we have covered three methods to repair damaged Word file in a quick and efficient manner. Although end users can use any of the approaches as per their convenience.

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