Learn Git in Minutes [infographic]

Learn Git in Minutes [infographic]

Are you looking for answer regarding “What is Git & how to use it”? Do you want to learn Git? If your answer is yes then that’s what we are going to cover in this tutorial here at TechLinu Programming. This tutorial is all about learning Git in Minutes in infographic style.  So Let’s Begin!

What is Git?

Git is a source code management (SCM) system.  There are many different source code management systems out there and Git fall into the category of a distributed version control system (DVCS).  It takes a “peer-to-peer” approach to version control as opposed to a “Client-Server” approach like version control systems like Subversion (SVN). To put it simple, Git is a tool which is used in web development but not just a simple tool it’s one of the most popular Git revision control and source code management system which keeps all the old and new versions of code and track who changed the code when changed the code and what part of code developer changed and also can see commit log to know why he changed and why he made that changes in code. Git was initially made by Linux Torvalds for Linux Kernel development.

Why to Use Git?

There are many tools available in market right now like Git to revision control and SCM (source code management) but why Git is most popular? Well the reason is:

  • Git tracks state, history and integrate of the source tree
  • Git keeps old versions for you if some developer did any mistake in code then you’ll always have previous version to fix it
  • Multiple developers can work together, once they write code in their local machine and commit it then other developers can pull it easily.
  • Large developer’s community and online websites to upload your source codes or get others source codes to make your work easier
  • Lots of software are available for both: 1) Who comfortable with command line 2) For others GUI tools
  • Easy and clear documentation to get started with
  • Git will not use much bandwidth you don’t have to connect with your server always you just need to connect to push code when you are done.


Git is popular open source revision control software. It allows you to easily manage and track changes to files over time. A “Git” could colloquially refer to an individual Git repository.

GitHub is a popular web-based Git repository hosting service. It adds a layer of access control, social collaboration tools, and other features on top of Git. Another popular alternative is Bitbucket.

Learn Git in Minutes [infographic]

Learn Git in Minutes [infographic]

Infographic by CodingDojo

Learn Git in Minutes [infographic]

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