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Learn White Hat Hacking Free & Online

Learn White Hat Hacking Free & Online

Nowadays lots of people want to learn hacking. But as we know Hacking is illegal so it’s hard to find a way to learn hacking. But there are some networks online which give tutorials on white hat hacking. Hacking exists just because of vulnerabilities in technology.

Today most of the hackers are youngsters and many youths want to learn hacking the ethical way and use it in securing the web & technology related products (except black-hat hackers). Today at TechLinu we have gathered a List of Free Online Websites & Forums where you can get acquainted with ethical hacking & cyber security related issues.

Hacking isn’t a solo subject that anyone can pick up overnight. In the title of this article, I mention Learn White Hat Hacking Free & Online. This cannot be accomplished after reading one article and visiting a few of these sites – the phrase is used to suggest that in time and with lots of practice, you can in fact learn to hack like a pro.

For our many readers that are already at that expert-hacker level, a few of these sites may not be for you. They may feel too simple and basic – for “script-kiddies” as some might say. The truth is, we all had to start somewhere, and these websites are offered as a starting point for those people just embarking down the wrote toward hackerdom.

Best Resources To Learn Ethical Hacking
Best Resources To Learn Ethical Hacking

Your intention for learning how to hack is completely your own. I do not judge. However, it should be noted that there are two forms of hacking – “white hat” and “black hat”.  White hat hackers call themselves “ethical hackers”, in that they find vulnerabilities simply to make systems and applications more secure for everyone as mentioned above. However, there’s a whole other community of hackers – the black hats – who find vulnerabilities only to exploit them as much as possible. Now that you know what sort of community you may be entering, let’s get on with the list of top sites where you can learn to hack free & online.

Note: This tutorial covers websites which are meant for educational purposes only.

Learn White Hat Hacking Free & Online


This is one of the finest website founded on Jan 13, 2015. Cybrary provides the opportunity to learn Cyber Security, to anyone, anywhere, who wants that opportunity. Cybrary believe everyone deserves an opportunity, and that opportunities should not be limited to people who “win the birth lottery”. They offer courses in 3 ways: 1) By Skill Levels 2) By Learning Paths 3) By Topic. Cybrary offers certification as well! Go over to Cybrary and start learning now.

Null Bytes

Null Bytes is a white hat hacker world for anyone interested in hacking, science, networking, social engineering, security, pentesting, getting root, zero days and so on. Null Bytes is a part of the popular website “Wonder How To” which provides tutorials on various topics. Null byte is a great website where you can easily learn white-hat hacking from scratch.

The website also includes articles on penetration testing and other security purposes. You can create an account for yourself in Null Bytes in order to take participation in various discussions & meet other professionals in your industry.

EvilZone Hacking Forums

While the name, EvilZone, isn’t exactly the most inviting – it is easily one of the largest forum communities that you’ll find on the subject of hacking. With over 13,190 members and over 50,000+ posts (and counting), this community likely has the skills and knowledge to answer any programming question you could possibly have. Just be careful about coming across as a “noob” – these guys don’t handle novices with kid gloves, so be careful.

You’d definitely be best off working through the programming and encyclopedia sections first, where you’ll find areas with projects, tutorials and a lot more that will help you become educated and well-versed in hacking techniques and terminology.

Hack a Day | Fresh hacks every day

While I certainly don’t want to offer a nod to any blogs that may be considered competition, you really have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to a particular niche like hacking – and Hack a Day definitely offers an amazing library of information for anyone looking for specific categories like cellphones, GPS or digital cameras. Over the years, Hack A Day has transformed the site into a fairly popular blog.

More than any other site, this particular “hacking” site is very much hardware based, and they redefine the meaning of the word hacking by serving you learn how to hack up electronic devices like a Gameboy or a digital camera and completely modifying it, or building electronics for the sole purpose of hacking other commercial devices. You’ll also find a popular and busy forum section as well – a high point of the site.

While I personally don’t find the articles themselves very detailed (as an EE, I like diagrams and elaborate descriptions), the site makes up for it with video demonstrations throughout.

Have you ever tried any of the tips offered at any of these websites and do they work? Do you have any good resources of your own for readers to learn how to hack like the pros? Share your insight in the comments section below. 🙂

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