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Mark Zuckerberg Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Hacked: Password “dadada”

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter & Pinterset Hacked Pic

Mark Zuckerberg Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Hacked: Password “dadada”

Even the billionaire founder of Facebook isn’t safe from getting his social media accounts hacked.

While the social network creator’s Facebook page remained intact, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hijacked by the hacker group OurMine Team on Sunday.

The group claiming responsibility for the high-profile hacking left a taunting message on both social media accounts.

“Hey @finkd, you were in Linkedin Database with the password ‘dadada’ !,” the team wrote from Zuckerberg’s Twitter page.

On his Pinterest, the new title was “Hacked by OurMine Team.”

In a deleted tweet, OurMine claimed it also breached Zuckerberg’s Instagram — which Facebook owns — claiming it was “just testing your security.”

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter & Pinterest Hacked Pic
Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter & Pinterest Hacked Pic

Prior to the hack, Zuckerberg did not tweet on his rival social network since January 2012.

The hacker group’s Twitter account has since been suspended, and Zuckerberg’s Pinterest page has been restored.

While the group claimed to have hacked Zuckerberg’s Instagram account @zuck, there are no signs that the page was breached.

Hackers claimed the “dadada” password leaked through a massive data breach on LinkedIn in May, with more than 164 million users’ data stolen.

The LinkedIn leak is believed to be caused by a hacker named Peace, who also claimed to have stolen the passwords and emails of roughly 360 million Myspace users.

It was considered one of the largest password leaks ever.

The hacker group bragged about breaching into several high-profile accounts on its now-suspended Twitter, including Bill Gates.

Zuckerberg is the latest in a rash of recent celebrity hacks, with Tenacious D’s Twitter falling victim to a death hoax on Sunday.

The week before, Katy Perry’s Twitter was taken over, with the hacker sending a message to the “Roar” singer’s rival, Taylor Swift, and releasing a never-before-heard song.

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  1. This is somewhat crazy, will these social networking giants accept “dadada” as password??
    Even if they accept it as password, a small kid who was well aware of bruteforce attack can reveal it, this is somewhat interesting to see.

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