Meet the Revolutionary Technology of Virtual Keyboard & Mouse

Meet the Revolutionary Technology of Virtual Keyboard & Mouse

Tired of using your thumbs on minuscule smart phone and tablet or computer keyboards? Time to switch to the new technological futurism virtual keyboard.

But let me start it from the history, in 2002, a startup called Canesta created the first projection keyboard using its proprietary electronic perception technology, which is a low-cost, single-chip imaging technology designed to create 3-dimensional images of its nearby surroundings and objects in real time. Canesta’s projection keyboard was the first application of this technology. The advancement in this and many other futuristic technologies has continued till now.

Today at TechLinu we will be sharing a brand new revolutionary yet an amazing technology in this field.

Let me describe the really new, innovative, patent pending technology – AirySense. It’s the touch-less, camera driven interface for two hands typing, and mousing. Touch-less! For desktop and mobile devices. As for augmented reality, it’s twice interesting.

AirySense is the new standard in typing and mousing, supposed to leave in the past the daily usage of good-old keyboards and mice. No attached to laptop hand and body position, no arthritis, no neck aches, minimum of muscle tensions, simple and comfortable usage. And, you don’t need the physical keyboard and mouse at all.

Any screen size, so forget of your typing by one finger on the small smartphone display. Two hands support, QWERTY standard, usual mouse functionality — everything you need for the comfortable, effective work. And, AirySence adds the significant value to the security.

How it Works?

How Virtual AirySense Keyboard Works?
How Virtual AirySense Keyboard Works?

Just place your camera right in front of you, and start AirySense. That’s it! It can be the computer web camera, the laptop or tablet, or even the smartphone camera. The red marks on the image show the place of your hands and fingers, so you align your fingers with red marks, the image disappears, and you see two different colors placed on the virtual keyboard keys accordingly.

The beta version, which was published now, doesn’t hide the image and the additional image for better understanding of application. When you want to move vertically along the keyboard, just move your hands horizontally, and if you want to move horizontally, just move your hands vertically.

This easy to use inversion in movements plays the important role in the general ergonomics, and allows using of just one web camera, i.e. significantly simplifies the mathematics and speeds up the calculations.

The count of fingers is the same as on the usual physical keyboard, from right (index finger) to left (little finger) for the left hand, and from left (index finger) to right (little finger) for the right hand. The ICR rate of application is more than 90 percent. And, the IR camera (stereo camera) usage can significantly improve the recognition rate in some complex visual environments, in case of high level of image noises. IR camera usage is just a question of changes in internal application settings.


Supported screen size: Ranging from 800 per 480 pixels.

Supported camera resolution: Ranging from 0.3 megapixels.

Language: English

Patent Docket: 129.001PV1.


AirySense is a new technology and is currently at development stages, they plan to kick start in January 2018. If you are interested in AirySense you can download the beta applications for Windows, iOS and Android from their website.


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