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All You Need To Know About MWC 2017: A List Of Expectations!

All You Need To Know About MWC 2017: A List Of Expectations!

All about Mobile World Congress!

GSM mobile world congress is an annual event where mobile leaders gather, collaborate and conduct business. MWC provides a venue to mobile companies for networking and for increasing the new business opportunities in global mobile industry. This annual event includes world-class conference where thought-provoking panel discussions takes place; the event also includes an exhibition where mobile companies display cutting edge technologies in order to define the future of mobile. The annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony is also part of the event which recognizes innovative mobile solutions introduced by companies around the world.

Mobile world congress is the largest and paramount gathering of the mobile industry in the world which is organized by GSMA. In mobile world congress 2016 more than 101,000 mobile professionals came from 204 countries and participated in the event. This year i.e. in 2017 it is expected that mobile world congress would take place in capital city of Barcelona on 27th February to 2nd march 2017. Mobile world congress is not only comprising of a large exhibition and award-winning conference, but it is an outstanding networking opportunity partner programs, the Glomo awards and much more.

MWC is a kind of B2B events which is taking place for everyone working in mobile industry. This event will also benefit adjacent industries to discover how mobile technology can benefit their industries. MWC provides a platform in order to make a face to face connection possible. This event by offering a networking opportunity help in maximizing the experience. MWC is not only a show of mobile industry it is a place where mobile manufacturing organization showcases the role of mobile phone in changing the foundation of the world today. Due to the emergence of technology in this modern super connected and integrated era of globalization, MWC is a significant  source of competitive advantage for the organization operating in global mobile industry. We have discussed so far what MWC is, but here is what we can expect from manufacturers of the mobile industry in the upcoming event of #MWC2017.

What to Expect and From Whom?

A Large number of companies with an extensive range of benefits are going to launch their flagship phones as per the needs, wants and desires of their customers in the global mobile market. Following is a list of flagship devices that are expected to be launched at mobile world congress 2017.


LG is a South Korean Electronics Company which is offering products ranging from home appliances, entertainment to mobile communication devices and vehicle components. LG is well known for offering a large number of mobile communication devices, Tablets, and smartphones.  LG is launching its next flagship phone LG G6 at MWC 2017. The features of LG G6 suggested that this phone will have an upgraded audio skills. Google Assistant or Alexa would be included in it. It is expected that LG G6 would be a flagship phone of MWC with sleeker, more usable look, narrow screen, and waterproof body and will compete in reliability. LG G6 would be slightly less expensive than Samsung, and it would cost something around $649.99.


It is absolutely and positively true that Samsung is not revealing its next flagship smartphone at MWC. Galaxy S8 will be debuted in the 1st or 2nd week of March 2017 in order to ensure through several tests that the phone is ready for extensive introduction. The company is going to have a massive booth at MWC but it is expected that the corporation is expected to introduce a foldable smartphone and Galaxy Tab S3 to fill the booth with something. The company is expected to introduce Galaxy TabPro S2 in order to answer the Microsoft surface for MWC unveiling. According to SamMobile at MWC Samsung is going to launch a Galaxy tab S3 tablet in the single 9.6-inch model and a display of 2048×1536. Another feature is a Snapdragon 820 processor.


Rumors suggested that Huawei has a press event on Feb 26, but there is no expectation for the launch of any new major phone of Huawei. The company has just released Huawei Mate 9, and P10 will come out in April, 2017. Some rumors from extremely unreliable sources suggested that the company is going to launch P10 and P10 Plus at the show of MWC. Last year in 2016 the company released Notebook, a convertible windows laptop in a different direction. It has also identified from the rumors that Mediapad tablet is lined up product of Huawei, but its launching will take some time. Some rumors suggest that Mediapad T3 tablet is coming in the near future.


MWC 2017 is a bit of a stab in the dark for HTC. Several rumors are suggesting the company is going to unveil a new handset at MWC 2017. The company is planning to release a device with a codename of HTC Ocean. Officially the company has not scheduled any conferences which indicating that it is unlikely for the company to launch anything. It has been identified from rumors that HTC Ocean will offer a unique method of interaction. Product features include dubbed sense touch which would enable the users to control the device by swiping or tapping the metal frame with a great sound.


Re-entry of Nokia in the global mobile industry would be absolutely huge and supersize for the mobile manufacturers as well as mobile users. The company is going to tease a press conference on Feb 26. Nokia along with its manufacturing partner HMD Global have just launched its phone in China. Rumors suggested that company had lined up some more smartphones to launch at conference. It is expected that the company is going to launch android powered Nokia P1 in the launch event of MWC 2017.


Rumors indicated that the Sony would come out with a bang in by uncovering five new devices on February 27. Name of devices are still not known to anyone, but it is expected that these devices are based on Xperia X series. It I also expected that the firm is likely to showcase a new Android powered tablet.

Oppo – OnePlus

Oppo is the big name of the technology based company in China, but its presence in US market is limited. It has been identified that Oppo is going to hold a press event in order to announce an innovative new technology. Oppo is the sibling company of OnePlus. Historical data indicate that company has found its way in OnePlus phones. Flash charging of Oppo becomes dash charging of Oppo OnePlus. It is expected that Oppo is going to reveal something we will see in OnePlus 4.


There is a lot to expect from all the mentioned giant vendors of mobile industry but till the last minute this information could be proven as a piece ambiguous note. You never know about the strategic planning and marketing cuts of these organizations, they could do something really unexpected or even can make the real expectations drowned into the waterfalls. But, since the information resourced in this article is based and resourced from some very reliable sources you can actually consider this as a piece of authenticity.

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