New Creative Linux Distros

New Creative Linux Distros

This time at TechLinu we have gathered a list of “New Creative Linux Distros”, these Linux distros are awesome and has some very cool new features. Previously we had shared a list of “Best Linux Distros Everyone Can Use” check that as well! 😉

Ubuntu Studio

Available for 64-bit and 32-bit computers, Ubuntu Studio comes pre-installed with a selection of free multimedia applications, including Blender, InkScape, GIMP, OpenShot, Audacity, Ardour, and more. Having these tools in one place can prove an efficiency boost for Linux-based creatives!

Musix GNU+Linux

Based on Debian Wheezy, Musix GNU+Linux is a collection of audio production, graphic design, and video editing tools (plus other applications). Like other focused distros, the packaged apps (including InkScape and Audacity) means that they’re ready to use after installation.


An artistic distribution based on Xubuntu, gnuArtist features a collection of multimedia software covering everything from creation and editing (3D modelling, animation, video and music editing) to DVD authoring and programming. If you’re creatively liable, check it out.


Optimised with working graphics drivers and stuffed full of tools designed for digital artists, openArtist manages to be a creative Linux environment while simultaneously supporting the open source ethos. Also now with an updated list of new artist tools for Linux users.


Launched in 2000, dyne:bolic is probably the original creative Linux distro, and includes tools such as Scribus for desktop publishing, Audacity, JACK, and Jammin for audio work, Cinelerra video editor, GIMP, and more. It also features strong data encryption.

StartCom Multimedia

Featuring audio recording tools, samplers, MIDI sequencers, CD ripping tools and a video editor, StartCom Multimedia is probably the least artistic of the distros listed here, and comes with a host of standard applications too, in case you want them.


KXStudio is available in 32-bit and 64-bit distros, and is stuffed full of applications and plugins to help you create whatever musical project is bursting out of you. As the title suggests, this is a distro focused on music production.

Note: To get further info about the above linux distros and to download them, just Google their name; most of them have official websites!

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