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Now You Can Watch YouTube Offline

Now You Can Watch YouTube Offline

India has been the source of various Google ideas like Offline Google Maps, YouTube Smart offline features and so on. These features were designed to help the internet deprived Indian population which also serves as a large potential market for the search giant. Eventually, the unique features become popular across other countries too.

At the second Google for India event in Delhi, Google announced YouTube Go. The company continued Google’s legacy of creating data proficient products and announced YouTube Go.

YouTube Go is created to supply the needs of the users trying to use YouTube on a slow and very slow internet connections existing in India.

The new YouTube app designed using the already existing Smart Offline feature which allows a user to download a YouTube video for offline viewing. In fact, it has taken a few steps further.

YouTube Go offers more transparency in terms of how much data is used to download a specific video. Before downloading a video, the app shows how many MBs it would require. Google’s data compression algorithms work to reduce the size of the offline video file.

The app also benefits the people in your neighborhood allowing you to share your offline YouTube videos. So, in other sense, you can watch videos without using the internet. Share your thoughts regarding YouTube Go app in the comment box below 🙂

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