Questions to Ask When Getting Your First Website Ready

Questions to Ask When Getting Your First Website Ready

Are you one of those college students passionate to start their own online business after graduation but is not a tech expert thus making you go to an agency or a freelancer and have your website designed and marketed? It seems like a simple task right? Go to a tech expert, have a deal with him about your online business and bam! Your online website is up, working and you are making dollars the next day BUT it’s very much complex than it seems. There are certain things you need to ask the agency about; we have listed some significant questions for you to ask:

  • What are your rates for a Web Design?

Most important of all is the rate you are being charged for a web design. If they are charging you low, it means the developer will try to find shortcuts and might not cater any loopholes in design. Negotiate with a moderate rate developer and make sure he is happy with the deal. Moreover, ask your designer for price quotations which includes the details regarding high email subscription letters converting etc.

  • How much time you spend doing Pre-Developing?

You might be asking yourself: How is that important? But a developer starting a web design should know all about the business, strategies, objectives and aims of the initiative. And he must spend at least, in my opinion, 4 to 10 hours maximum at every single project if what he desires are good results. It’s not much considering that structure, delivery, and functionality of website all needs to be figured out before development starts.

  • Is wire mapping a part of your plan?

Wire mapping or wireframing is the visual representation of what the website will look like. It’s like blueprints of a building under construction. But why is that important? Well, the orientation of a website design is very important to intrigue people and providing them the thing they like, first. This might seem like a very simple thing but there are some developers out there who might not consider this.

  • Are you developing easily accessible websites?

When a visitor opens your website, you need him to stick to your website for at least 5-6 seconds. This is the span of time he will decide whether to visit it in future or not. Those 5-6 seconds are really crucial. If he doesn’t find the appropriate stuff he was searching for, or the website is too complicated to understand for a layman person, means you just got a visitor with a bad review about you. He’ll be frustrated and pop back immediately. Moreover, complicated websites are difficult to manage for the owner too.

  • What is your payment gateway?

A payment gateway is any merchandise service through which two or more people send money for some product or service. For Example, Paypal, Payoneer etc. Now, you are a student or freshly graduate and don’t have much money which means you don’t have access to many payment gateways. This is a must ask question before the deal. Any conflict arising after the deal will lead to difficulty in exchanging money which will result in some extra charges from your side. Go for the one with same Payment gateway as yours.

Overall when you go for meetings, look at your favorite websites, and see which of their features make you love their website. And from there you will have a pretty good idea of the questions you need to ask.

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