A Quick Guide to Freelancing on the Web!

A Quick Guide to Freelancing on the Web!

How many ways do you think exist in this world for you to earn your bread and butter? Well, there can be and there are actually a lot of ways of earning money, both legal and illegal. However, if we take into account some of the major ways of earning money, only three ways top the list. The first one is definitely the most common one which is to work as a private or government employee and earn your salary. The second one is to start your own business, hire employees, and earn profits. The third one is totally based on the talent of an individual and is really a mixture of the above two.

Freelancing! A Better Choice!

Yes, you guessed it right, the name is freelancing.  You name anything today and you have freelancers on the web available like anything. From writers to designers, SEO experts, PPC experts, and more, you have freelancers of every field. However, if there is one field whose freelancers get the maximum amount of attention and pay, it is nothing but the development field.

The Preparation

The freelance developers are the ones who earn a lot while taking up their favorite project, being their own boss, working in their comfort zone, and more. So, if one is a designer or developer, how should one proceed to the freelancing web world and make their mark?

Step-by-Step Guide to Freelancing on the Web

#1 Earn Some Experience First

Earn Some Experience First
Earn Some Experience First

The first and foremost step towards making a successful freelancing career on the web as a designer or developer or anything else for that matter is to earn some experience in the first place. Why is this important? It is due to the fact that mere knowledge is not sufficient to get projects as there a lot of experienced designers and developers out there competing with you. You need to learn to execute your knowledge in the first place and this is only possible when you work under somebody or under some company.

#2 Sign-Up on Freelancing Websites

Sign-Up on Freelancing Websites
Sign-Up on Freelancing Websites

The next step is to start searching for the freelancing work and where do you think you will get work? It is nothing but the freelance websites that will help you in bagging your first project. The clients at these sites do look at the background of the person they are hiring and the skills one possess, so you need to keep these things in mind first. What’s next? Sign-up on the following freelance websites; make an appealing profile and bid intelligently to bag your first freelance project.

  • UpWork

This website is one of the most trusted and leading freelancing websites which is definitely on top of the list of most of the new freelancers. It offers very easy to use procedures for profile creation, bidding, getting the payments, and so on.

  • Fiverr

This is another leading freelance website that has the potential of shaping your career completely. The name Fiverr means you get the job done and are paid a minimum of $5. A great platform for businesses to hire the new talent!

  • Remote

You should definitely try freelancing at Remote as it provides a lot of opportunities to the new freelancers with its enormous category list. The ease of use and trusted payment gateway makes this site a pretty favorite one.

  • ServiceScape

If you are an editor, translator, graphic designer, or writer, then you should definitely check this popular freelance marketplace out. They promote your services using a wide variety of marketing initiatives, while giving you access to their existing client base which has been growing for over 15 years.

#3 Start Your Own Website

Start Your Own Website
Start Your Own Website

The next step is a step which you can use side by side with your previous step as this step helps in making your portfolio better. Set up a website for yourself that describes you as a very professional designer or developer. Try to make it very engaging and interesting by adding some of your best works of the past, sharing links, and more. This will let the clients know that you are actually an expert at what you do and you take things very professionally and would treat their projects in the same way.

We have prepared a step by step guide to make a website by your own, read here: How to Create Website & Publish it on Web.

#4 Market & Promote Yourself

Market & Promote Yourself
Market & Promote Yourself

This is where you got to get smarter and better in your approach to becoming a successful freelancer. You have to learn to market and promote yourself better and bring your name up the searches. You can do this by hiring a SEO expert, promoting on your own on the social media websites or business websites, using your useful old links, trying to make new links, and more. This is not a complete list as a lot of minor steps are also involved in all the above-mentioned steps which you need to take into consideration very carefully.

Author Bio:

I am Subraa a freelance website designer and developer. I am not here solely because I am myself a designer but because I have this great passion for designing and developing. I love sharing my knowledge with a view to help my clients as well as associated businesses but also gather every piece of information I can which helps in boosting my designing and development skills.

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