Readers Respond: I Love Linux Because…

Readers Respond: I Love Linux Because...

What are the reasons that make people love Linux? Find out by reading this article!

Linux Inside (Facebook Page) asked their readers to comment their views about “I Love #Linux Because (Add in the comments)”. We have rounded up 25 of their responses in this post. Dive into the Linux love and see what people love about Linux!

Top Comments
Top Comments – Linux Inside

I Love Linux Because….

Because there are no choice. Windows – useless parody of a OS, OSX – for lazy hipsters. I want customisation hardware and software, Linux allows this. —Богдан Щудлак

Because I can do amazing commands on the command line and I love the fact that the computer is most always stable and does not nag me for updates. —Tony Martin

…It looks seriously cool sitting behind a screen with multiple green-font black-background terminals involved in various (oft-times nefarious) tasks while wearing a menacing hoodie and playing progressive house/trance mixes. —Jarrod Ngapeka

Linux has more power like command line, kernel, file system, security, flexibility etc compare to other OS. —Dev Dabhi

Everyone’s system is unique. Your desktop will be different then mine guaranteed. You not only can express yourself visually with your system more but you also can have much more control of what you’re running, gives me some sense of control. Its nice. <3 Arch Linux <3 —Kit Smith

Because it doesn’t spy on me, it’s free as in freedom and in most cases as in cost, it’s simple, it doesn’t force updates on me, it doesn’t take 2 GB of RAM at boot, terminal is cool, pacman is the best package manager, because of the AUR (Arch User Repository), the fact, that you can express yourself with your desktop and it’s stable. And there’s such thing as Arch Linux, which it’s the best Linux distro. —Paweł Cholewa

It’s customisable, fluent, better than windows. You have full control over your machine. Linux is Linux because Linux needs to be Linux only. —Fayaz Shangloo

Because you can control your whole computer with command line. Specially you can download and install softwares with one or two commands instead of downloading files from websites using internet browser. —Manjeet Kumar

Linux Gives me the power to decide what my machine does and when. and the protection from viruses… —David Warfield

I feel FREE, and i can make and develop all i want to do. For my purposes, it’s more comfortable to use linux rather than windows. —Joan Sebastián Paz

I find all what i need .. simple , open source , powerfull , Genious ( know exactly how to use hardware resources). —Hosam Mohamed Ali

It’s open source and you can play with it…and the more you learn…the more intriguing it gets… —Sagar Ghanwar

It is free, open source, highly customizable, and his mascot is a lovely penguin named Tux. —Jorge Naito

Because it’s fast and stable, and doesn’t update suddenly making me lose all my Assembly code. —Muhammad Abu-Awwad

Great community, stability, hardware support, customization and open platform making it great to learn more about the computer on. —Sean Christopher Ohman

I can mess up the kernel and spend all night fixing it. —René Særkjær

Sudo get-install linux because it fast. —Katrin Pruchniewski

It runs my old computers. —Mark Twang

Its cool and hackable. —Sudarshan Kakoty

Because no worries for viruses… —Nikhil Gupta

Fun (*For Geeks*). —Ario Setiawan

It’s fast, stable and secure. —Ali Tolga Özbaş

Because it’s free/open source/fast/versatile/robust/resourceful. —Raja Malik

Because it is more easy, though it seems not. —Alessandro Seno

Linux is love. Because nothing is impossible with linux. —Amit Rana

Why do you love Linux? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section 🙂

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