SEO Hacks Using Video Content for Optimization

SEO Hacks Using Video Content for Optimization

When you are among many competitive companies in manila, SEO is the answer to stand out from the rest. However, with many companies also practicing SEO efficiently, it’s a battle of who can create the most useful content that the market will love. This means that the most demanded medium of all – video – must be utilized well and, most important of all, it must be extremely searchable.

Here is how and why video can help your company improve its SEO rankings.

#1 Ranking

Video Ranking

The very fact that you have a video on your website signals to Google that you have a great quality content. This is because videos are high in demand for a searcher sine it is easy to learn anything from an effective video. Because of this, websites with videos are ranked higher by search engines and it is expected that this trend will only grow and grow in the future.

#2 Keywords and Labels

Keywords and Labels
Keywords and Labels

In line with the previous tip, a video is great for search engines but it won’t matter if the search engines don’t know what it’s about. No matter how smart algorithms are, no bot has physical eyes and they cannot analyze what video content is about without being told so. In order to feed the algorithms this information, you would need to label the video just as you would with pictures and images. Use important keywords that relate to your videos topic and fields. Add as much of these keywords organically in the titles, file name, and descriptions. Go crazy when it comes to tags.

#3 Transcript

Adding a text transcript of the audio and dialogue of your video opens many doors and ways for users to stumble upon your video. This is because any searcher that happens to type in related text that was said in your video will find the page that it is on.

#4 YouTube

YouTube - The Best Video Search Engine
YouTube – The Best Video Search Engine

When it comes to efficient searching, the absolute best place to host your video is on YouTube. This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. It has the 2nd largest number of queries searched on its search bar.
  2. It is owned by Google which is always aimed to be conquered by any SEO effort.

By using YouTube, you are directly uploading the video into the database of Google. With the right tags and labels, searchers with closely related queries will see your video.

If you have a small local businesses, then you should definitely use this to their advantage to gain exposure since so many people ask questions on YouTube. They may find the answers on your video. If your video is truly useful then from there you can place CTAs (call to action) that link them to your site and they will be aware that you exist and possibly avail of your services and products.

#5 Load Time

Some may argue that it is better to host a video on your own website. While this does have its own SEO advantages, the big disadvantage of doing this is that your website will run slower. If you know your SEO trends well, then you know that sites that load faster are also ranked higher in Google; the slower the site is then the lower the ranking as well. This is because 57% of users immediately turn away from a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. The rest probably wait just a bit longer before doing the same.

Google doesn’t want the first few options in their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to be ones that cause inconvenience for their users. Thus, if a video is poorly hosted on a website and it slows down because of it, the ranking will go lower. To avoid this, host it in on YouTube instead and embed it on your website.

Key Takeaway

The heart of SEO is useful content and the most useful medium of all is video content. If you can make sure that a video is useful and/or relevant along with being very searchable, then you can also spell success for your company.

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  1. Very informative article…From my opinion, one of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your viewers or customers. For example you can teach your customers how to use your service and provide useful tips on how to make most of it. Video should be creative and have some humors to inspire viewers.

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