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How to Speed Up Android Smartphone

How to Speed Up Android Smartphone

No doubt Android Smartphone is high challenging phone in all over the world. Most of the people desire Android because of its multitasking performance, user-friendly GUI, and wide-range of apps on hand in Google Playstore. But android has a drawback, it getting slow down with time.

Almost everyone is facing this problem. You can resolve this problem by following these 7 tips.

Note: These tips will work on all devices and all versions of Android.

Clear your app Cache

In background, your mobile program writes cache data on your phone memory.  It eats up phone’s valuable resources and memory, due to this Smartphone is getting slow. To overcome this problem you have to delete cached data regularly. To delete cached data, go to settings >> storage >> Cached data now, popup message comes on screen, then click ‘yes’ in the popup.

Uninstall unused Apps

Every app you installed in your phone take some space and also run some hidden processes. The more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone are the main reasons of slow down of your phone.

So, uninstall all unwanted apps which are not in use will speed up Android phones. To uninstall apps go to setting >> apps >> ’swap to all tab’ >> Apps info >>click on uninstall button.

Disable unused pre-installed Apps

Unfortunately, unless you have rooted your phone (a complex process that likely voids your warranty), you can’t delete preloaded apps. But you can “disable” them so that they can’t run in the background, get updates or appear in your app drawer. To disable any app go to: setting >> apps >> ’swap to all’ and disable all unwanted apps. It will dramatically boost your phone speed.

Update your Smartphone firmware

The updates fix some bugs, add new features and other performance boosters that you may not be aware of. Such issues crop up with reasonable frequency, so updating regularly will ensure the optimum performance for your phone. To Update Smartphone go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Update.

Move media to external memory

Low amount of free space in internal memory could be the reason behind the slow performance of your Smartphone. To increase Android’s performance; the best way is to increase free space of internal memory by moving your Multimedia files (pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so forth) to the external memory, usually an SD card. To move Multimedia files to external memory, go to settings >> storage >> Move media.

Disable Animations will speed up android phone.

Every time you come back to the home screen or navigate around the app drawer, Android shows you some cool-looking transition effects (animations).  They looks nice, but take more time than simple redrawing. So, you can increase your phone speed by disabling these animations. To disable animations go to settings >> About Phone >> tap Build number seven times >> Developer options >> Windows animation scale >> and set Animation to off.

Using the same way; Select “transition animation” scale and duration scale and set each to off.

Increase Chrome’s Memory Limit

By default, the Chrome browser uses only 128MB of available RAM, but you can quadruple that limit and get smoother performance as a result. To increase Chrome’s RAM usage:

Navigate to your browsers address and type: chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area or if that’s too much typing for you, just type chrome://flags and scroll down until you see the “Maximum tiles for interest area” section.

Select 512 from the dropdown menu. You open the menu by tapping on the word “default.”

Now re-launch it and see the boost in speed and performance of your Android Smartphone 🙂

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