Surf Internet Safely With Cliqz

Surf Internet Safely With Cliqz

The new security browser intends to prove that data privacy and big data can also work together.

With Cliqz, the similarly-named start-up company has released a browser that promises its users anonymity while surfing and is directly going against data collectors like Google, Facebook, etc. According to manufacturers, it already has more than one million users.

Cliqz hasn’t completely done away with forwarding data; only secure contents that don’t make the user identifiable are allowed to be transferred. Moreover, users are secret. The browser data is processed locally, i.e. on the device of the user, who can delete it at any time he wishes. To get rid of any remaining unsafe data, the browser has put in some interesting features. The recently-programmed search engine will seemingly also work independently from Google thanks to its own web index.

Similar to Chrome or Firefox, search queries can be typed directly into the address bar. However, while the user is entering his query, Cliqz doesn’t yield any search suggestions with the help of the established search engines, but a handful of selected results right away, which are given out by its own plug-in. It decides according to relevance, i.e. how many users click on what – the more the users, the more accurately Cliqz works.

In addition, the start-up has developed a new anti-tracking technology that will grant users more control when surfing. Users can just check the menu bar to see which information one website passes on to another company. These are automatically blocked by Cliqz. This means that personalized advertising isn’t possible. In the future, Cliqz will be funded “by advertisements based on innovative targeting options”, but there aren’t yet any concrete plans regarding monetization.

Cliqz is being developed by more than 90 employees with Firefox as the root, and is an open source browser like Firefox. This makes the switch for Firefox browser users easy.

Surf Internet Safely With Cliqz

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. But I suggest you use a proxy server. By using a proxy server you can browse the internet securely or safely and also hide your IP from the internet hackers.

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