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Tizen New Operating System For Smartphones

Tizen New Operating System For Smartphones

The Linux-based operating system for smartphones – Tizen OS is developed for use in smartphones with the help of professionals from Intel and Samsung. After merging of the Bada Project of Samsung into the Tizen in the year 2013, a base program has been evolved forming the basis for the development of device-specific OS like Tizen Wearable and Tizen Mobile.

Samsung has introduced devices such as Gear 2 Smart Watch and a smart camera that runs using Tizen. Samsung has unveiled a 10” tablet that runs on Tizen OS.

The smartphone makers like Samsung have put in considerable efforts in developing Tizen OS to offer intense completion to Google’s Android and Apple IOS. The main aim of developing the Tizen OS is to offer an enhanced experience for the end users.

The notable benefits of Tizen OS include support for Html5, CS, and JavaScript; compatibility with other OSs like Android and IOS; and flexibility.

The users are always looking for innovation. What is the best OS for smartphones may not be the best in the future? Hence, Samsung has taken a decision to develop and use the Tizen OS for longer duration in the near future.

With the development of new OS for smartphones, Samsung is looking to give stiff competition to the Google Android and Apple IOS. Samsung is already offering quality smartphones to users at affordable rates. The new OS puts Samsung further ahead in devices using Apple iOS and Android. The users can expect many more features in the days to come with Samsung devices having Tizen OS.

Many customers are looking to buy a smartphone with a nice design, and more features at affordable rates. So, the new OS will keep the Samsung in the driver seat in the smartphones market.

Difference Between Android and Tizen OS

The UI UX in Tizen is almost similar to Google Android OS.  The lightweight OS – Tizen offers benefits like a faster startup when compared to the popular OS – Android. The new mobile OS – Tizen ensures smooth scrolling and enhanced web browsing experience for users like you. It offers 3D window effects for games and apps. The new OS also comes with a notification bar and multi-touch and multi-tasking features. It allows dynamically resizing the box icons to show less or more information depending on the need.

  • Support for 64 Bit Architecture

The version 3 of Tizen OS provides support for devices with 64-bit processors. This feature is currently not available on Android OS. Google is working vigorously to roll out Android support for devices with 64-bit architecture. Google may soon introduce an update for the Android to support 64-bit versions.

  • Tizen Allows Customization and Personalization

As on date, Tizen is offering the best performance on par with Apple iOS and Google Android. It also allows personalization.  The Tizen OS is developed using WebKit runtime and open source Linux. Therefore, users will have a chance to customize the Tizen to suit their needs.

The Android OS shows time and a list of symbols on the lowest part of the screen.

The Tizen OS features a home screen, Lock in Screen and notice board. However, applications menus and drop down menus boasts the grayish boxy look just like in Android.

iOS and Android utilize the objective C and Java as the basic programming languages. On the other hand, adoption of Html5 in Tizen allows smooth web browsing. It allows playing embedded video clips on portable devices. It also allows playing music without the need for an additional plug-in.

  • Tizen Supports Multi Window View
Tizen Supports Multi Window View
Tizen Supports Multi Window View

The new Tizen OS allows floating browsers and multi window view. You can either use a small window or full-screen window for reading. You can split the screen and view multiple applications at a time. It is really fantastic for users like you.

However, Samsung has to do a lot to succeed in the mobile market with its own OS. For example, the Google’s Android offers a lot more features like Google Maps, web browsing using Google Chrome, Firefox, and watching videos on YouTube, etc.  The users can find apps for almost anything that works on Google Android. For example, the users say from ordinary users to top level Managing Directors are using Google Maps to find the roots to their desired destinations. The apps available on Google Play also allow booking bus tickets, train tickets, and flight tickets etc.

In order to achieve success with its own Tizen OS, Samsung has to put in more efforts to develop apps and other applications to overcome the Android OS and win the competition to boost revenues.

Samsung needs to develop an alternative for the apps offered on the Google Play to maintain a status quo. If it can handle all of these issues efficiently, Samsung can definitely outsmart Google Android and IOS and increase sales.

Samsung Unveils Tizen-Based Devices in Russia

Samsung has unveiled the smartphone – Samsung Z, which is based on Tizen OS, in Russia. The company also announced Gear 2 Neo and Samsung Gear 2 that runs on Tizen OS.

The development of apps for Tizen is cost effective and faster since it supports html5. Therefore, it is easy for the content developers since the new OS supports shorter development cycles. The users can expect slicker web applications for tablets and phones.

Samsung should provide support for the native apps like YouTube. So the users can watch videos without any additional plugin.

It comes with a built-in firewall to block the unwanted sites. It also comes with an integrated power saving option to save your battery which will reduce the dependence on using power bank .

The new Tizen is being developed to enhance scalability. It can be used seamlessly on multiple devices like laptops, and TVs etc.

The existing Bada apps can be ported to Tizen and give a stiff completion to the Android OS.

In view of the above, Samsung has to expedite development efforts and increase capabilities of its own OS –Tizen in its future endeavors to attract the users as an alternative to Google Android and Apple IOS.

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