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Top 10 Android Travel Apps – Make Traveling a Joy

Top 10 Android Travel Apps - Make Traveling a Joy

Are you planning for a getaway at the end of the year? Perhaps you are heading out for a summer holiday somewhere nice. In the era of technology, you shouldn’t just pack and sort out your luggage. You also want to make sure your Android phone is packed with travel apps that make your journey and holiday just a bit better.

Here are the Best Android Travel Apps that will make your traveling a joy 🙂

Lonely Planet Guides

Make Traveling a Joy
Make Traveling a Joy

When you’re figuring out what to do and where to travel, the Lonely Planet Guides are a great addition to your phone. The apps have detailed information about the best tourist activities, as well as recommendations to get off the beaten path. The guides are just as informative and detailed as the book versions, with the benefit of saving a lot of space in your luggage.


If you’ve not yet booked your flights, you might want to download Skyscanner on your phone. You can use the app to browse flights, car rental rates and even hotels. The best part is that none of it costs a lot of money. The app is perfect for finding deals because it sources the deals from a range of third party providers. If you want, you can even set a notification that alerts you when big sales take place. Furthermore, if you are still looking for cheap flights and accommodation remember to scout voucher sites like OZCodes.


Now, if you are a regular traveller, you need to download TripIt. The app will scan your e-mails and create a compiled travel itinerary for you. This means all the information for your flights, your accommodation and even restaurant bookings is on the same place. It’s almost like having a personal assistant take care of your travel needs.

XE Currency Exchange

You should also get yourself a currency converter app that will help you know what different things cost. You can use the app prior to travel to make sure you know where and when to exchange your money. You can then use it on your travels to stay on top of your spending. It can be hard to know how much things cost in your own language and therefore, with the app, you are able to check you know how much you are spending.

Rome 2 Rio

Of course, you don’t just need to know how to fly to your destination. You’ll also want to travel in your destination and figure out the right timetables for your journey. While each big city will generally have a travel app – such as TfL in London, you can also utilise the Rome 2 Rio Android app. The app has public transport options available for most big cities. You will be able to see the timetables, the routes and the price of the journey with the help of this app.


Find Hotels & Nearby Stores
Find Hotels & Nearby Stores

You might also want to download Maps.Me to ensure you know where you are going, especially when you’re not using public transport. The apps can be downloaded onto your phone, allowing you to browse them offline – great for saving with roaming charges. The open source software also means there are plenty more recommendations for places to explore. If you want something more traditional, download Google Maps.

Weather Bug

You will also want to stay on top of the weather on your travels. It will make planning your daily activities easier. For this purpose, there are plenty of apps but Weather Bug is definitely among the best. The app comes with a 18-day forecast for numerous locations, but you can also get more detailed information than whether it’s going to rain or not. For instance, the app will tell you what kind of pollution or pollen problem the location has – important information for those with allergies.


Travelling on your own? Travello is a great travel app that helps you meet other travellers in your chosen destination. If you want to meet people to visit a show or eat at a restaurant, you can hook up with other people who are interested in similar activities. This can help you save money on your travels as well, even when you’re not travelling on your own – many places offer group discounts and therefore, it can be a good idea to gather a bigger group to spend time with.

Google Translate

When you’re travelling around the world, you will undoubtedly encounter a situation where you won’t know what something means. Google Translate app for Android is a great travel companion. It can translate text and speech for you and help you lower the language barrier. You can even use the app by turning on the camera and pointing it towards the foreign text – the translator will then translate the text to you and you will know what the signs are about.

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Finally, you might also want to download Duolingo on your phone. The app is aimed at language learners but it can be something fun to do on your travels. The phrases you learn are also generally really useful for travellers.

With these Android travel apps, you can make your journey smoother and more fun. Happy Traveling 🙂

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  1. Personal experience: Google Flights is better than Skyscanner (sadly, it is still not an app)

    I can vouch that Rome to Rio and Google Translate are one of my most essential apps ever. After booking all your trips, you would wish that you have an automated itinerary. Guess what? Google Trips to the rescue! I may have 1 bad experience with Google Trips though. I made a booking with but the details of my room booking were incorrect on Google Trips. So, I would still suggest doing a double check on the name and location. Flight details are so far excellent. They update way earlier before I receive a text or email from Air Asia even.

  2. Fantastic post and so much to learn. Thanks for sharing these great app information these are very helpful .
    Great job

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